April/May/ June newsletter

Spring Greetings from our learning area to yours!

Hello Kindergarten Families,

We have been very busy in social studies, health,

and science learning about dental hygiene, and

some of our presidents (Washington & Lincoln).

In math we will be learning about money,
measurement, and addition & subtraction of simple problems
We have also been learning to tell
time to the hour and half hour.

Please practice this at home,
Respectfully, Dr. Schock

April 8- School resumes

April 9-Top 25 from MHS

April 12- Basketball Jones


April 17-Mrs. Patterson

April 22-Earth Day

April 26-Walk to Library

May 10- Walk to Library

May 15- Skating party

May 17- Officer Phil safety


May 21-24 District Art Show @

The Mall

May 21- Pre-K visit day

May 23- Skydome Assembly

May 24- PRIDE assembly – wear green tye dye or PRIDE shirts

May 28- Band Concert

May 29- Orchestra Concert

May 31- Farm Park

June 5-Field Day

June 7- Walk to Library

June 13- Kndg. Picnic at Morton



See you on August 21st


The brain uses roughly 12 watts of electricity( about as much as a light bulb in your fridge), mostly to pass information between neurons. Your brain is a power hog: the brain consumes 17% of the total body’s total energy.


Undetected vision problems affect up to 30% of elementary and high school students. These problems can contribute to poor performance in school. Schools do perform vision screening at the beginning of the year, but schools rarely detect problems through screenings, or a child’s vision can change throughout the year.

Best idea: Arrange for yearly eye exams for children, especially if children show signs of vision problems, such as squinting, tilting the head, reading too close to the page, and/or headaches.

~ Melvin Schrier, retired optometrist.
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