Ceramics Syllabus 2012-2013

Mrs. Wolski/Mrs. Tonti – Ceramics Teachers

One Semester (1/2 credit)

Prerequisite: General Art, Art Foundations or Fine Art I

Course Content:

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner that reflects sound ethics, honor, and good citizenship. Students should expect various projects, written assignments, work sheets, project critiques and quizzes throughout the semester. There will be a final exam at the end of this course. Due to the unpredictable “time element” in completing studio projects, the due dates for projects will vary. Every effort will be made to accomplish our goals and objectives in a timely and efficient manner as to allow the students the optimum opportunity to excel in their work.


There is a $15.00 course fee. It covers the materials (clay, glaze, tools) we use to create your work in this studio. Students may also be required to bring additional supplies to class.

Grading for Course:

Grade Scale:

Letter Grade Percentage Earned

A 90% - 100%

B 80% - 89%

C 70% - 79%

D 60% - 69%

F 59% and lower

Graded course objectives include %70 Summative Assessments: projects, presentations and tests and %30 Formative Assessments: quizzes, worksheets and progress checks. These are all activities based on the Ohio Academic Content Standards and/or stated course objectives. In Ceramics the vast majority of a student’s final grade will be based on summative assessments that directly measure the content standards and course objectives.

Course Description:

From the beginning of man’s civilization, through each cultural epoch, clay has been a major medium of artistic expression. Of all forms of media expression, clay is the most diverse. Its plastic qualities allow for unlimited design and decorative possibilities, immediate response to the artist’s touch and the creation of functional forms. The purpose of this course is to develop hand building techniques and the creativity of each student. The course serves as an introduction to ceramics. It includes the study of history and culture pertaining to ceramics in art. The student will be engaged in projects using traditional construction methods in ceramics with an emphasis on elements of art and principles of design. This will lead to the production of unique ceramic items, allowing the student to reflect upon pieces with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Students will be engaged in lectures and projects. This course requires a high commitment to the safe and responsible use of materials, tools and equipment. Students will be engaged in daily clean-up activities and should be willing to ‘get their hands dirty.”

Ceramics Course Overview:

· Introduction to Ceramics

· Ceramics Basics

· Qualities and characteristics of clay

· Origins and make-up of clay

· Stages of clay

· Preparing, storing and recycling of clay

· The studio: Space, Tools and the Clean-Up Process

· Hand Building Basics

· Constructing Pinch Pots

· Constructing Coil Pots

· Slab Building

· Wheel Throwing (not required)

· Glazing, Finishing, Firing

· Types of Surface Treatments

· Wet/Dry

· Paint/Glazes

· Introduction to the Operation of the kiln and current firing processes

· Safety in the Ceramics Studio
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