Technology holds a bright future for Autism
IPod touch and IPad

Apple has created an app store with many apps created for children with ASD in mind. Click on the link below to see an overview of some of the apps available for children with ASD.

*Check this tab to see a review on an app each month.

This program would be used for a postive reinforcement
1: create a child profile
type in your child's name and age. Then you can add different reinforcements that your child would be motivated to work for.
2: choice boards
This part allows you to create a choice board of pictures of items that your child would want to work for. The child chooses an item he or she wants to work for and then it opens up the virtual puzzle pieces.

3. Earning rewards:
As the child is working and earning rewards the child or the person working with the child clicks on an empty puzzle piece. The puzzle piece then gets filled in with a part of the picture of the item the child is working for. When the child has completed his or her work and has earned all the puzzle pieces the screen shows fireworks and sounds of clapping begin.

Note: you can create a puzzle of 4 to 10 pieces and you can have up to 15 choices on the choice board
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