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Your social studies teachers have a fabulous year planned filled with unique, hands-on activities to learn about the history of the world through 1750 AD and US history through 1877.  We will be emphasizing learning information that will help you to understand the world today.  Through fun, interactive techniques each unit will be brought to life.  Mr. Dawson & Mrs. Harper have collaborated in an attempt to make the study of history more enjoyable every day.
Grading Policy:
Assessments will be 80% of your grade.  A review sheet will be given before each test to aid in studying.  Projects will be included in this section.  You will have at least one major projects due during each grading period.  They will be started in class and must be completed at home.
Practice will make up 20% of your grade.  This includes assignments, writings and participation in activities. 
Make-Up/Late Work Policy:
Each student is responsible for all graded work done if class was missed.  It is each student's responsibility to get their missed work before the class if they know they will be absent or upon his/her return to school.  All assignments done in class and for homework may be redone for full credit.
7th Grade Units/Timetable:
First Quarter:
       -Ancient Greece.
Second Quarter: 
       -Ancient Rome.
       -Africa and Islam.
Third Quarter:
       -Feudalism in Asia.
       -Feudalism in Europe during the Middle Ages.
       -Mongol Empire.
       -Renaissance & Reformation.
Fourth Quarter:
       -Americas:  Mayas, Incas and Aztecs.
       -Exploration of the New World.
       -Rise of Nation-States.
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7th Grade Important Dates

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