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Math Games
Your child must figure out which number is missing to complete each number line.

2- Shapes

Clues are given to see if your child can name the 2-D shapes. Fun review for most, learn about pentagons and semi-circles, too!
There are about 15 games, all different math skills that tie directly into our kindergarten state standards! Great review! Highly recommended!
Hunt for the buried 3-D shapes in the desert!
Great for basic facts practice! Students answer math problems (counting, adding, subtracting, etc.) by having the ninja kick the correct answer bag. Lots of levels for all!
Your child will practice basic counting by counting the chickens and choosing the correct number to match the amount of chickens.
Your child will practice basic math facts in this interactive game. 

In this online interactive game two students play a version of connect-four by identifying shapes based on their number of sides.

 Reading Games
This is a must use site! Here you will find interactive online lessons and games to teach children to read. In addition you can print out reading and writing pages that correspond to the online activities.

Level I (Learn to Read) is designed for K-1 emergent readers who have a basic understanding of letter sound relationships. It will help you teach the strategies needed to hear and decode short and long-vowel sounds, and provide opportunities to practice digraphs, blends, word families and creative writing.

Level II (It's Fun to Read) is intended to meet the needs of students at many different reading and writing levels. It will help all children learn to write creatively.

Interactive sight to help your child recognize and identify rhyming words.

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