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Welcome to our class website! Here you will find helpful information and resources for students and parents. Be sure to check back often for updates!

"Our greatest contribution is to be sure there is a teacher in every classroom who cares that every student, every day, learns and grows and feels like a real human being."
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Accelerated Reader

The more children read, the better they read. Accelerated Reader (AR) helps students get the reading practice that encourages interest, fluency and comprehension. Each child has an AR range that helps them to choose books that are "just right" for them reading-level wise. After reading a book, students take a comprehension quiz on the computer to earn points and move towards their goal.

In our classroom, children are tested 3 times a year to monitor their ever-changing reading range. They also have individually set goals based on their reading levels. Children can earn points towards their goal depending on the difficulty level of the book and the accuracy on the comprehension quizzes.

AR quizzes can be taken every Tuesday and/or Friday during our class time in the computer lab. Students are encouraged to take a test about once a week, but there is some flexibility if more time is needed (i.e. when a child is reading a longer book). It is recommended that all weekly reading log activities be completed using the student's AR book so that comprehension is strengthened even more.

Quiz results are sent home after each test so that parents can monitor their child's progress. Should you notice a pattern of tests becoming too difficult (i.e. less than 80% passing), it is suggested that the child choose a book at a slightly lower reading level within their range for their next quiz. Books that are too difficult often lead to frustration and a dislike for reading. Children should experience success with AR and a boost in their confidence. The goal is not only to read, but to show solid comprehension of what has been read. This is great practice!

As an incentive, our class has an AR "Space Race" board. Each child "star" game piece moves along our bulletin board "game board" as they earn AR quiz points and read more books. They win a prize when they reach the end of the game path, or 100% of their goal. This game resets each marking period, and all students have a chance to reach their goal!

Thank you for your help with Accelerated Reader and supporting reading at home. Together, we can help your child "Read for the Stars!"
Math Facts in 3rd Grade math fact
March 1, 2011
Dear Parents,

This month we begin our unit on "Things That Come in Groups," and will focus on multiplication concepts. We will be learning that multiplication can be used to quickly determine the quantity of things that come in equal-sized groups. Whether by drawing, using repeated addition, or multiplication fact fluency, students will become more skilled in their understanding of this math concept. In third grade, children are exposed more and more to this important skll and will be asked to apply it in story problems and real-life scenarios.

In working on math facts this month, please continue to focus on the skill that your child is learning for his or her weekly fact fluency tests. If they have not yet begun to practice multiplication, this is a great time to start. It is helpful to break down multiplication by skip counting pattern sets. For example, students should be ready to attempt 0's, 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please call (440-255-4212) or email (white@mentorschools.org).


Miss White
 Class Homework Policy

Third grade students are working towards being more and more independent and responsible for their homework. Work that goes home from the classroom is a critical piece for continuing the learning that has occurred during the school day. As a class daily, we review the assignments for the evening and post them clearly to be marked in the assignment book. Students are also reminded at that time to gather the materials that they will need (textbooks, paper, worksheets, etc.) to complete the assignments at home. Homework is an important part of being a responsible student (and later adult! :).

Our student homework pledge is found on a clipboard in our classroom:

"I am responsible for bringing my finished homework each day. I will need to put a mark by each date that I don't have my work. After 4 missed days, I will need to make a plan with my parents and my teacher."

Students who do not return their homework each day are expected to complete the missed assignment(s) during their recess time.
"School Tools"cat

Third graders work very hard in the classroom, and are constantly learning new things! To help with everyday learning, we need a supply of the following "school tools:"

filler paper
glue sticks
colored pencils
dry erase markers (low odor only, please)
folders: green for take-home work, yellow, red, blue and purple.

As we go through the school year, please check with your child to see if any of these items need to be replenished. Thank you for your help in making sure we have our "school tools" for learning!
 Dear Parents,

Where has the school year gone? It doesn’t seem possible that we are entering our last full month of third grade. May is a busy month with a lot of activities. We still have many important days of learning and we are asking the children to continue with their homework and to get to bed on time so their minds are ready to learn each day.

We will be getting our butterfly larva this week and will watch them change into butterflies in the classroom. Each child will receive a butterfly larva of their very own. This is a very exciting project for us.

We have one more field trip this month. On Friday, May 20, our class will visit the Fire Safety House in Mentor. This is a special place for third graders in the community to learn about fire safety. It is located near the Old Council Hall on Jackson St.

Monday, May 16 is our Grandparents’ Day program from 10:00—11:30. Parents are welcome to attend. The room mothers will be contacting you soon if they need help with refreshments.

June 3 is Field Day. We will again be tie dyeing white t-shirts for this fun day. White t-shirts are due to school by May 12.

Our third grade picnic will be June 10. The picnic is approximately from 9:30-1:00 at Bellflower Park. More information will come later about our picnic.

Thank you,

Miss White

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