Monday, April 3, 2017

Melissa Guerra, Jen Seech, Tiffany Sharpe, Nicole Grant, Karen Brandt, Danielle Overall, Jessica Thellman, Jodi Poremba, Sarah Kucharski.

Call to Order: 6:30pm

Inspirational Quote
Secretary’s Report: Jessica Thellman
  • Danielle O. motion to approve March minutes, Tiffany S. 2nd motion, majority votes to approve March minutes.
Treasurer’s Report: Chris Partlow
  • Not in attendance.

President’s Report: Melissa Guerra

  • BINGO went well. $174 went to End 68 Hours of Hunger.
  • Scholarship in motion.
  • Reflection winner: Aston and Bella Wargo
  • We want to create a Google Doc to make sure the kitchen area is left how we started, like a check-list.

Principal’s Report: Mrs. Poremba

Teacher’s Report: Ms. Kucharski spole on behalf of the teachers

LCC Report: Brittany Elliott
  • Not in attendance
Committee Reports: 
  • Family Game Nights: Tiffany Sharpe
    • BINGO went well.
  • Box Tops: Jessica Thellman
    • Nothing new, done for the school year.
  • Giant Eagle/Heinen's: Danielle Overall
    • Made $876 with Giant Eagle, will receive check in May.
  • PTA Scholarship:
    • Deadline is April 10, we have our readers and we want to send out a letter of acknowledgment for those not chosen.
  • VIP: Danielle Overall
    • Parking concern - Police? Handicap?
    • Schultz is working on the VIP necklaces.
  • Food Nights: Jessica Thellman
    • DQ night is April 27th, will get the times confirmed.
  • Board Nominations: Jen Seech
    • Same as last meeting.

Questions / Comments / Adjournment

  • Looking to spend money that is left over on either some headsets for the school or an ice cream truck for the students.
  • Grant - BOGO book fair, we will hand posters on the 10th, will run book fair from 9-11ish during the day. The book fair shipment comes in Good Friday, trying to look at moving this date.
  • Malley's fundraiser brought in around $2,000, sold over $6,000.
  • Teacher appreciation is May 1st through May 5th.

Adjourn @ 7:25pm

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