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         Notes 7th Grade Math Mr. Kaminski
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 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4  Chapter 5
 2.1 Adding Integers 3.1 Adding
Alg. Fractions
 One-Step Equations Unit Rate
 2.2 Subtracting Integers Mult. Fractions Two-Step Equations  Proportions
  2.3 Mult./Div Integers
 3.3 Exapanding Alg. Expressions
  a) Whole #s
Equat. Decimals
 Percent of a number
Equat. Fractions
 Percent of Change
    Variables both sides 
    Inequalities 5.3 Direct Proportion
    Real World Equations 
Chapter 6
 Chapter 7Chapter 8
Chapter 9
  Practice Quiz
Scale Model
    Practice Speed
    Practice Speed
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