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Map of Sections to be Covered
 Chapter 1   Chapter 2 EquationssChapter 3  GeometryVolume 
  Fraction to Decimal Checkbook Integers Wksht. One-step Equations 3.1 Adding Alg. Terms Understanding
Scale Drawing
Volume Cylinder Basic 
 Extra Practice
Frac to Decimal
 Subtracting Integers
Practice Quiz
Scale Drawing
 Volume Cylinder Basic Pictures
 1.1 Rational #s on #line  Order of Operations
  Area of Circles Practice   Volume Cylinder Interactive
 pg.25 with Answers  Review 2.1-2.4
  Circles & composite Shapes Volume Cylinder Missing Dimensions 
  KEY Review 2.1-2.4
 March Madness Worksheet Volume Application 
     Extra Practice Circles 
     Circumference Area Stations 
      Stations 3/31 Circumference
     Volume Of Prisms & Cylinder 
 5.1 PBJ  
Application II
5.2 Proportion   
   Mixed Operations with Fractions   

 Chapter 2Fractions
Chapter 3
 Chapter 4 Chapter 5Percent 


   5. 1 Unit Rate 


Solving Percents
Review Direct Proportion and %
KEY Direct Proportion
and %
Practice Quiz
Percent of Change
 Geometry Geometry Volume Practice  Surface Area
OAA Practice
D = rt
  Surface Area Extended Response #1
      Extended Response #2 D=rt Practice


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