National, Ohio, and Lake County Council (LCC) PTA

As a PTA member, $2.25 of your dues goes directly to National PTA and $2.50 to your state PTA (Ohio PTA).                  National PTA      Ohio PTA

Our PTA unit falls under Ohio’s District 17. Our district advisor is Carol Beasley,

Lake County Council PTA:  The LCC is a PTA made up of early childhood, elementary, middle and high school PTA's and PTSA’s in Lake County, Ohio.  Each unit pays an annual membership fee of $65 to belong to Lake County Council PTA.

Lake County Council’s purpose is to:

1.    Provide PTA units in Lake County a place to network and discuss ideas and concerns.  

2.    Educate units on how to carry out PTA’s mission.

3.    Provide delegates with current legislation that National and/or Ohio PTA in supporting or monitoring. 

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.  Locations vary. Check the website for up-to-date meeting information at or email them at

You do not need to be a delegate or officer to attend a LCC meeting!!

However, each PTA Unit asks for a parent volunteer to act as their LCC Delegate.

Delegates are asked to attend the LCC PTA meetings and report back to their units as to what was discussed at the LCC meetings, and share legislative information.

Advocacy: For complete up to date information on advocacy and legislation please visit and click on ADVOCACY.

Be advised, National and/or Ohio PTA will send out an Action Alerts via e-mail. An Action Alert asks PTA members to send a message to legislators using CAPWIZ (this is just a way to get a message to your legislators).

The messages are already written for you and they will automatically be sent on your behalf.  If you choose, you can edit the letter to reflect your concerns/values.

To take action on an Action Alert:

  1. visit
  2. click on “Advocacy”
  3. click “READ MORE” on the current Alert. 
  4. Fill in your name and address, Ohio PTA will automatically send your state rep and senator a letter asking them for their support.(Don’t forget, you can edit the letter before sending if it doesn’t quite say what you want it to say)

**You can also sign up to receive these Action Alerts by e-mail.**

  To sign up for Action Alerts:

  1. Visit
  2. On Left panel under “Contact PTA”
  4. Fill out information and check Legislation (you can check any boxes you are interested in)
  5. Click Submit
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