Welcome to Printmaking!

Welcome to Printmaking!
Name: Michelle Kane
Email Address:kane@mentorschools.org
Phone number: (440) 974-5344

One Semester: 1/2 Credit
Prerequisites: Art Exploration (General Art), Fine Art I or Art Foundations
Course documents:
Fees:There is an $11.00 course fee. It covers the materials (paper, ink, tools) we use to create your work in this studio. Students may also be required to purchase additional supplies for this class.
Course Overview: The desire to make copies of images seems to have developed all over the world. From handprints to stamps, people have used the repetition of images throughout history. This course is based upon intaglio (etching), relief (block printing) planographic and stencil printing processes. Projects involve the students’ creation of multiple fine art prints using printing mediums. Emphasis will be placed upon development of “the image” and production, capitalizing on the unique characteristics of each printing process. Because of the close relationship between printmaking and drawing, it is an excellent extension for those who enjoy drawing but would like an alternative approach. This course gives students a historical view of the craft while relating it to their personal aesthetic exploration. This class is recommended for both Fine Art majors as well as those who enjoy drawing.
The K-12 Art Curriculum at Mentor Schools is based upon the Ohio Department of Education's Fine Arts Academic Content Standards.
Printmaking students will have the opportunity to compete in a variety of shows and printing competitions including theLinoleum Block Print Contest(an annual art contest sponsored by Blick Art Materials for students in grades 4-12) and theGAC Benny Awards Competition(an annual Graphic Arts contest for high school students where graphic arts work is judged in the categories of Printing and Graphic Design ).
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