Chapter 12 Quiz Review

Vocabulary Word Bank

performance polygraphs (lie detectors)

Emotions William James

motive intrinsic (internal)

extrinsic (external) balance

Sensory deprivation obese

Learning goals or Intrinsic rewards Drives

need Instincts

high achievement motivation

1. What happened in Harry Harlow’s experiment?

2. What motivates an obese person to eat?

3. According to the incentive theory, what motivates behavior?

4. What is the difference between biological and psychological needs?

5. What type of needs are associated with the drive-reduction theory?

6. What is another term for instincts?

7. Who pioneered the study of humanistic psychology?

8. Who developed the “hierarchy of needs” as part of his theory?

9. What are examples of self-actualization needs? What are examples of biological drives? What are examples of psychological needs?

10. Define homeostasis.

11. List characteristics of high achieving people.

12. What is the difference between the need for achievement and the fear of failure?

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