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Now, in case you haven't seen the Feb 7th edition of The Bellflower Bridge, here is an important message from Ms. Hardy regarding children's use of the I-pod app Instagram:

I want to bring to your attention the trend of children using the Internet through Instagram, a photo sharing site owned by Facebook. Instagram, and sites like it, were designed with teenagers and adults in mind. They are restricted by age to children who are at least 13-years-old. To use these sites, an elementary-age child must use someone
else's account or lie about their birth year to establish their own account. The age limit
is purposeful as young children may not be ready for the responsibility.

Beyond the ethical considerations, there are safety and behavioral implications that spill
over into the school at times. Elementary children may not have the necessary maturity
and judgment to use these sites appropriately. Comments, audio, photos, or videos may
be posted without the permission of the subject, containing content that can be embarrassing or hurtful. Some children, who would not behave this way in person, may do so online because the immediacy is muted and once-removed by the technology.

Moreover, children of this age do not realize that it is difficult, once something is posted, to take it back, because content can be printed, copied, saved, and forwarded to others.
Some steps to help you more effectively supervise your child on Instagram:

1. Instagram users can set up more than one account – be sure to complete a
search of your child’s name and nicknames to find all open accounts.
2. Even if your child keeps their account private, if a “follower” or account being
“followed” isn’t private that is an open door to your child’s account.
That means that any pictures, comments, audio or videos can be accessed by
complete strangers.
3. Review your child’s profile to be sure that they are not giving away too much
information – where they live, school name, last name, friend’s full names,
4. Sit down with your child daily and review the account activity. Use anything
you may find as a teachable moment!
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