Hopkins Summer Garden Care

Summer Garden Care-Takers,

Thank you for volunteering your time this summer!


Schedule -Attached you will find the weekly Care-Taker schedule, please notice that you have been paired up with two other families. We ask that you contact the families to coordinate the times you’ll check-in on the garden. You can visit together, or divide the time. Should any problems arise you may contact us at HopkinsPTA@gmail.com. Also, the combinations for all locks can be found at the top of the schedule.

Water -Watering is an essential task, especially if it is a dry summer. Please take care to water near the base of the plants rather than directly on the leaves. Watering the leaves causes leaf mold and rot which invites pests and other nasty problems! The key to the water outlet and several watering cans are located in the locked yellow garden boxes. Please make sure the water is shut off and the key is returned to the box before you leave for the day.

Pests -Not all insects are bad, in fact, some are very good for the garden. Because we don’t want to kill all of the insects, we ask that you take pictures of what you see and let one of the committee members know so we can determine what we need to do next. 

Weeds -To help differentiate between the veggies and the weeds,an informational sheet with pictures and descriptions of the vegetable at various stages of development will be attached near each plant. If you are unsure of the differences, just let them both grow. Better safe than sorry. 

Harvest -The info sheets will also show and explain when the veggies are ripe. If a veggie looks ripe, take it home and snap some pictures of your family enjoying it. We would love to hear what you thought of the harvest. How did you prepare it? Share with the Hopkins and Mentor Schools Community on our Facebook page and on Twitter.



Hopkins School Web Page –We will post information and updates on the Garden section of the Hopkins Elementary Page!


Facebook -We know how hard it is to coordinate a time to gather so we have created aHopkins Garden Facebookpage as a way to share information. We invite you to share your garden-related experiences, pictures, and recipes at: http://www.facebook.com/HopkinsCommunityGarden.


Twitter –You can also ‘tweet’ your garden-related experiences using #hopkinsgarden


E-Mail– You can also e-mail your updates toHopkinsPTA@gmail.com.


Keep in mind, this is a learning lab. We welcome all ideas, input, and suggestions. We look forward to a successful summer season!


Much Thanks,

The Hopkins Garden Committee

           For emergencies call or text Amy Beskid 440-796-6588 cell

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