Honors - Words of the Week - Quarter 4

1.  commence v. (to begin or start)
Why do they call graduation a commencement ceremony?

2.  tenuous adj. (flimsy, slight, barely holding on)
The 2-point lead late in the game was very tenuous.

3.  emit v. (to send out or give off)
That siren emits a shrill and ear-splitting sound.

4.  prevalent adj. (widespread or most important)
Public school financial difficulties are increasingly prevalent.

5.  resurgence n. (to be revived or get new life)
Most clothing fashions are a resurgence; there are few truly new ideas.

6.  susceptible adj. (open or vulnerable to)
Are U.S. ports really very susceptible to terrorist attacks?

7.  derive v. (to come from or receive from a source)
Many English words are derived from Latin roots.

8.  recipient n. (one who receives something)
The recipient of the award was very deserving.

9.  haughty adj. (proud or arrogant)
The snob’s haughty attitude made him very unpopular.

10. coherent adj. (intelligible, connected or consistent)
The drunk’s speech was barely coherent; he had to repeat himself frequently.
11.  paradox n. (a statement that is self-contradictory and usually false)
“No trespassing without permission, “ is an example of a paradox.

12.  trite adj. (worn-out and overused)
“It takes one to know one,” is a trite expression.

13.  improbable adj. (unlikely, doubtful)
It is improbable that we will eradicate world hunger in our lifetime.

14.  onslaught n. (an attack)
The Union onslaught overwhelmed the Rebel defenders.

15.  obnoxious adj. (unpleasant, annoying, objectionable)
Complaining about every single class activity made the student very obnoxious.

16.  pretense n. (a false show of something or a false claim)
The student was in the hallway early on a pretense of needing something from a locker, but he really was looking for his friend.

17.  beneficial adj. (advantageous, favorable)
Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are very beneficial.

18.  eloquent adj. (vivid, forceful, or fluent)
The candidate was an eloquent speaker and swayed many voters.

19.  ludicrous adj. (absurd or ridiculous)
The moon being made of cheese is a ludicrous notion.

20.  dissipate v. (to scatter or disperse, to make disappear)
Opening the windows helped dissipate the smoke from the burnt pot roast.
21.  afflicted v. (causing pain or suffering or great distress)
Someone afflicted with a horrible illness leads a miserable life.

22.  transmit v. (to send)
He will transmit the message over the secured phone line.

23.  dexterity n. (skill in using one’s hands, body or mind)
Being a good brain surgeon requires much manual dexterity.

24.  subtle adj. (not obvious, delicately skillful)
The subtle change in her hair color went unnoticed by her friends.

25.  prerequisite n. (a necessary or required condition beforehand)
Most good colleges have as a prerequisite for admission a minimum
of three years of foreign language study in high school.

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