Words of the Week

Regular Words of the Week - Quarter 4

1.  unruly adj. (misbehaving, out of control)
The mob became unruly so the police had to use tear gas.

2.  brawl n. or v. (a fight or to fight)
A brawl broke out at the hockey game after the home team lost.

3.  duplicate n. or v. (a copy or to make a copy)
It is wise to have a duplicate set of all important papers.

4.  underdog n. (side expected to lose, unlikely victor)
Many underdogs were victorious in the early rounds of March Madness.

5.  bewildered adj. (confused or dazed)
The accident victim was bewildered and unable to respond to the officer’s questions.

6.  alter v. (to change or adjust)
You need to alter your study habits in order to improve your test scores.

7.  sacred adj. (holy or very respected)
Mecca is the most sacred place in the Muslim religion.

8.  unanimous adj. (all in agreement)
For a conviction, the jury needs to render a unanimous guilty verdict.

9.  fortunate adj. (lucky, having good fortune)
The lottery winner was very fortunate.

10. innovative adj. (new and unique in thinking)
Hovercraft automobiles are fairly innovative.
11.  surpass v. (to excel or go beyond)
Will Lebron James surpass Michael Jordan and others during his NBA career?

12.  vast adj. (very large, enormous)
Our galaxy is quite vast.

13.  capacity n. (the amount that can be held in a space or container)
Most elevators have a capacity of 2,000 to 3,000 pounds.

14.  pierce v. (to penetrate or puncture)
Are you going to have your ears pierced?

15.  confident adj. (having good self-esteem; believing in oneself)
The confident student did well on the oral presentation.

16.  nimble adj. (light-footed, quick)
Most ballet dancers are very nimble.

17.  manipulate v. (to control skillfully and effortlessly)
Do not let your friends manipulate you and cause you to do something you do not want to do.

18.  rave v. (to shout or yell wildly or out of control)
At halftime, the losing team’s coach began to rant and rave.

19.  economical adj. (cost-saving, wisely spending money)
Car-pooling is an economical way to commute to and from work.

20.  ingenious adj. (very clever and intelligent)
Dr. Roylott’s scheme to keep the money was quite ingenious.
21.  wary adj. (watchful, alert, or on guard)
Being prey to many predators, rabbits must always be very wary.

22.  wretched adj. (miserable, dejected)
Conditions in the concentration camps were wretched.

23.  nourish v. (to help develop or grow)
The proper formula will help nourish the infant.

24.  quantity n. (a set amount or number of something)
Don’t you think that 100 cases of pop is a large quantity for the order?

25.  opt v. (to choose or decide)
What will you opt to do the next time you witness discrimination?

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