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Welcome to 7th & 8th Grade Math at Shore Middle School 

Mrs. Laurie's Class  
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Monday, August 25th
7th grade Honors: All parent forms are due with signatures. Students should have books covered by Friday. We just did a CFA yesterday to start the chapter and we took the chapter pre-test.
No homework given.
 8th grade regular: All parent forms are due with signatures. Students were given a username/password sheet to fill out and leave in class. Students were taught how to log into Moby Max and took their placement test. If the test wasn't finished in class, students were to finish it at home.  Later this week, students will be instructed on how to use Khan Academy.
 Tuesday, August 26th:
 7th grade Honors: Students should have finished their pre-test today and read over section 1:1 that we will start tomorrow. CFA's were handed back and we went over some common mistakes that were made.
 8th grade Regular: Students were in 3 groups today ; one group finished Moby Max on the Ipads for their Placement test and then went to the next module; the 2nd group worked with Mrs. Laganke on prime factorization (section 1:1) and the 3rd group worked with Mrs. Laurie on exponents and bases and expansion and solving . All three groups rotated.
 No homework given. 
 Wednesday, August 27th:
 7th grade honors: Students went over section 1:1;looked at their pre-tests today. They do have a homework assignment to complete that is called, Suit Up. Students are given criteria to meet and they must figure out what value needs to go on each of the 10 cards shown. They must only complete  question 1 but they must give an explanation as to how they got the answer. 
8th grade Regular: Students reviewed 1:1 again in groups and took an exit pass today. No homework given. Students need to have their iPads tomorrow for a little inservice on using Puffin Academy and Khan Academy tomorrow in class. 
Thursday, Aug 28th:
7th grade Honors: Entrance pass given on section 1:1; we discussed last night's homework. No homework this evening.
 8th grade Regular: The students learned how to load their textbook using the app called Puffin Academy; this app will allow them to use their textbook online. Students were also registered today into Khan Academy during the class period. Students could view their exit pass from yesterday. No homework given.
 Friday, Aug 29th:
 7th grade Honors: We continued to review the answers from Suit Up and then reviewed the concepts for 1:2. Students worked on an exit pass that covered 1:1 and 1:2 today. They should review their notes on both for Tuesday. No other homework given.
 8th grade Regular: We added several math apps to the iPad today and updated our username/password sheet. We started section 1:2 today; no homework but there will be a quiz next week.
 Tuesday, September 2nd:
 7th grade Honors: Chapter one test on Monday on 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 and 1:5
 Homework tonight is entitled Cartoon Corner; questions to answer are #1, 3, 5 b, c, d.
I would encourage students to go back and practice problems tonight on 1:1/1:2
8th grade Regular: 
 Continued in the textbook; students used the app entitle IXL math and grade 8, letter F, numbers 8 and 9 to practice questions like those that we did in class. Quiz on Thursday of this week on sections 1 and 2.  Homework tonight: page 24, # 1-4, 7-9, 14-15, 19.
Students can use their textbook or online by going through Puffin Academy and then to bookmarks and then to Holt Online. Once there , they must enter their username and password which is cards student id then 14, no spaces or commas.
Once there, they should find the tab marked student pages and then enter page 24; there they will see section 1:2 which is where there homework comes from. 
 Wednesday, September 3rd:
 7th grade Honors:  Students worked on section 1:4 today; test is still on Monday. Students were given homework on page 37, # 1-4, 8. This is due tomorrow. Students can use calculators when the calculator symbol is present by the instructions.
 8th grade Regular: Students reviewed their answers to last night's homework; they were split into two groups to review sections 1:1/1:2. They do have a quiz tomorrow and should review using the apps on their iPad or the notes that they took in class.
Thursday, September 4th: 
 7th grade Honors:  Student homework tonight: Page 50-51, # 1-4, 8, 11, 12, 14 ( 11-14 no calculator), 18-20, 22) This is a graded assignment ; test on Monday...sections 1:1-1:5 excluding 1:3
8th grade Regular: Students took at quiz and then worked at their own pace on Moby Max.
 Friday, September 5th:
 7th grade Honors: Students reviewed for their Chapter 1 test today. Students need to study for their test that will be this Monday. They should bring calculators Monday for work on a few questions. No other homework given.
 8th grade Regular: Quizzes were returned; went over those that they needed to see. We started the next section  in the book on 1:3....Power to a power; no homework given.
 Monday, September 8th:
 7th grade Honors:  Students will take their Chapter 1 test; Homework tonight is Cartoon Corner; only selected questions. We will begin Chapter 2 tomorrow.
 8th grade Regular:  Students will continue practice of 1:3; we will use the IXL app for extra practice in class. Homework tonight is page 31, # 3, 5, 9-10, 15, 18, 20, 23-24. Next quiz on Thursday of this week on 1:3/1:4.
Tuesday, September 9th:
 7th grade Honors: We started to take a pre-test on Chapter 2 in our text. Students completed a CFA regarding Chapter 1. No homework given.
 8th grade Regular: We reviewed section 1:3 and worked through several examples in 1:4. Students will be quizzed on 1:3 and 1:4 this Thursday. No homework given.
Wednesday, September 10th:
 7th grade Honors  Assignment tonight page 73, # 1-17 odd ( use any method) and # 21, 22, 24.  Tests were returned today if finished.
 8th grade Regular:  Quiz tomorrow on 1:3/1:4; we practiced all period in smaller groups. Homework tonight; WS, Lesson 1:3, # 1,3,5,8,10,11,12, and Lesson 1:4, # 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
 Thursday, September 11th:
7th grade Honors:  Students worked on adding integers today. For homework , students were given 5 addition problems in which 2 of them had to be illustrated using the number line, 2 of them had to be illustrated using the token or chips and one of them needed to be explained using money.
 8th grade Regular: Quiz taken today on 1:3/1:4 ; no homework given. Students worked on Moby Max when they finished their quizzes.
 Friday, Sept 12
7th grade Honors: Students started section 2:2 today on subtracting integers. The homework tonight is pages 84-85, # 3,5,7-10,19,24,28 all, 29a and #30. This will be graded attempted and is due on Monday. Students should be able to represent subtraction of int
Fegers with chips.
 8th grade Regular: Students received their quizzes from yesterday; we went over these. Students did station activities today that included review, front-loading of new info, videos that practice exponent rules, how exponents are used in real life, etc. No homework given.
Monday, Sept 15th:
7th grade Honors: Quiz on Wednesday on sections 2:1-2:3; adding , subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers; students should be able to demonstrate their knowledge of these by using the rules, applying the rules through application questions and should be able to illustrate answers as well. No homework given other than to start reviewing/practicing for their quiz .
 8th grade Regular: Students started section 1:5 today and were given an assignment in their text; page 46, # 1-8, 13, 21. Students were also instructed that we will have a chapter test either Monday or Tuesday of next week on all of the sections and the laws of exponents. Today we went over the rules for powers of zero and negative exponents. We installed a new app for extra practice; it is a game type of app called Middle School Math grade 8 and we played River Race which practices negative exponents. Students should answer the two questions in Schoology under Discussion Blogs for homework if they didn't finish it in class. 
Tuesday, Sept 16th:
 7th grade Honors:Students have a quiz tomorrow on sections 2;1-2:3 on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers. Homework tonight for a grade is the following: page 124, # 1-9, 13-18, 31, 34, 37. 
8th grade Regular:  Students again reviewed section 1:5 with both Mrs. Laganke and myself. Students are able to go to Schoology and re-visit what we did today. Mrs. Laganke made a video and posted it on Schoology on how to go over each and every one of the homework questions from last evening. It would be a good review for the kids. Students can also use the Middle School Math App and go to River Race or the IXL app and go to letter F and practice F6 and F7 for even more practice. 
7th grade Honors: Took quiz on 2:1-2:3; homework tonight is entitled, "Palette of Problems; students are to try #1, 3, 4, 11, 12, 13 on a separate sheet of paper.
8th grade Regular: 
 Students will be given a review sheet for the chapter ; we want it completed in chunks so therefore we do not want them doing everything today on both pages. Students will have an exit pass today on Schoology. Chapter test on Monday or Tuesday.
 Thursday, Sept 18th:
7th grade Honors: Quizzes were handed back and homework was collected from Palette of Problems. We ran out of time to go over the answers to this, so I will do that tomorrow. We started section 2:4 on Order of Operations and the students have page 97, # 1-13 (odd) and 16-17 today. This will be graded attempted. Next test either Thurs/Friday of next week on Chapter 2.
 8th grade Regular: I am offering a study session tomorrow from 8am until 8:30 for help with the Chapter one test which will be Tuesday of next week. It will cover all 6 sections. The students were split up today between Mrs. Laganke and myself and we will reverse those groups for tomorrow. Her group worked on section  1:5 while my group worked on section 1:6. Students have two study sheets that they received yesterday that they can use to study from for this test. 
 Friday, Sept 19th:
 7th grade Honors: We started a new section on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing rational numbers.  Students took notes; we checked in last night's hw on order of operations; students had an exit pass over what we did today. No homework given.
 8th grade Regular: Students were working with the teacher that they didn't work with yesterday; one group worked on section 1:5 and the other on 1:6.  They were given homework; students need to complete the rest of the 2nd page of the study guide for Monday.
 Monday, September 22nd:
7th grade Honors: Test will either be on Thursday or Friday of this week on Chapter 2.  We worked today on adding and subtracting rational numbers. I assigned pages 110-111, # 1,2,10, 14, 16, 19, 22, 33, 35. Students did have time to start it today in class.  This will be graded attempted.
 8th grade Regular:  This group needs to study this evening ; they have a test on Chapter one; all 6 sections. They have notes on each and have videos on Schoology that they can look back at to practice. They were given a two page study guide that they could use tonight to look over. Homework tonight comes from the textbook and was pages 56-57, # 2, 4, 7, 11, 15, 17-19, 25, 27and # 33. 
When they finish their assignment, Mrs. Laganke was nice enough to post a video on Schoology on these homework questions so that the students can check their work as another method of studying for this chapter test . The students should know all of the properties from the first part of the study guide. 
Tuesday, Sept 23rd:
 7th grade Honors: Students looked at questions from section 2:5; Students worked on an Enrichment activity today in groups of 4/5 through a series of application problems related to this present chapter; no homework given today. The Chapter two test will be Friday.
 8th grade Regular:  Students took their Chapter test today and were given an extra credit opportunity. No other homework today.
 Wednesday, Sept 24th:
 7th grade Honors: Students finished their work in their groups from yesterday on the Enrichment Activity; we discussed/took notes on section 2:6 on decimals. The students do have an assignment on today's work that will be graded attempted. Homework is pages 120-121, # 4, 5, 8, 10, 13-14, 17, 20, 23-24, 27, 30 .  Test is on Friday on all of Chapter two.
 8th grade Regular:  This group started a new chapter on Scientific Notation. Those that needed to take or finish a test were with Mrs. Laganke and those that finished yesterday were with me. My group took notes on the new section and then did a station rotation in which they could watch a Khan Academy video on Scientific Notation , two practice quizzes (one simple and one complex) and one on jobs that require the use of scientific notation.
Thursday, Sept 25th:
7th grade Honors:  Students reviewed sections 1-6 of Chapter two today during class. I suggest that students form study groups with one or two other kids from this point on to study for quizzes/tests; I really think that would help them......just a suggestion; it seemed to work well last year. Students should review old quizzes, notes, etc. Calculators will be used on only select questions; they are encouraged to bring their own calculator.
8th grade Regular:  Tests were returned to those students who completed the test either two days ago or yesterday. Students went over the test with me and we discussed mistakes made. I encourage students to show their work to receive partial credit. We reviewed a little on scientific notation that we started yesterday. Students were asked to try 10 problems on each of the links that we provided today for extra practice. Students should go to Schoology and look at the folder for today.
 Friday, September 26th:
 7th grade Honors: Students took their Chapter 2 Test ; I tried to hand a copy of the 2nd textbook that we will be using for the next two chapters; if a student didn't receive one, he/she may pick one up on Monday from me. If you did take a new text ( purple book A), please read over section 1 on exponents.
 8th grade Regular:  Students reviewed how to change numbers from scientific notation to standard form and vice versa; students also worked on Schoology and answered a few questions for us there. Students should be putting in time on Moby Max if they didn't in class today . Students worked with a partner on an exit pass on Scientific Notation and Standard form.
 Monday, September 29th, 2014
 7th grade Honors:  Students got their test back today in class if they completed it on Friday; We began a new section in the new book. This section is on exponents and prime factorization. Homework tonight is page 12, # 2, 8, 9-14, 16, 20-23. There will be a quiz this week in class.........probably either Wednesday or Thursday.
 8th grade Regular:  Students used Schoology today to grade their work from Friday;  students have a quiz tomorrow on section 1 of Chapter 2. They should use their Friday sheet to study from as well as notes they have taken and items on Schoology.  They do have homework this evening; a worksheet that has 16 questions on it; they are only to complete 1/2 of the sheet and do not have to follow the original directions for the puzzle.
 Tuesday, Sept 30th:
 7th grade Honors  These students started a section today entitled, Product of Powers and Quotient of Powers......homework tonight is page 24, # 1,7, 8, 15, 18 only. They will have a quiz on Thursday on the first two sections.
 8th grade Regular:  We took a quiz today on the first section of Chapter two; Students need to log into Moby Max today and spend class time and at least 30 minutes by this Friday. The login info for their username and password is cards followed by their student id; no spaces, periods, etc
 ex.         cards12345
Both the username and the password are cards12345
 October 1st:
 7th grade Honors:   Students have a quiz tomorrow on exponents that includes information from sections 1 and 2 in the purple book; they should know how to expand and evaluate exponents, do prime factorization and use the rules for product of powers and also quotient of powers. 
 8th grade Regular:  I gave back quizzes; we had a glitch yesterday with Schoology so otherwise the kids would have taken the quiz on-line.  We went over had to add/subtract numbers in scientific notation and students practiced several examples. I told the groups to use their IXL app , letter G, numbers 1 and 2 for more practice, they can also use Monkey in the Middle app and use the River Race under Scientific Notation for extra practice. Students also need to work on logging into Moby Max and meeting their time for the week; they have until Friday.
 October 2nd:
 7th grade Honors: Students took their quiz on the first two sections of Chapter 1 in the purple book; students have an assignment entitled, Palette of Problems; graded attempted ; questions assigned were 2,3, 4, 8, 16.
 8th grade Regular: Students watched a youtube video on Schoology today that went over how to compute adding/subtracting scientific notation. Students worked with a partner on how to solve questions involving adding/subtracting scientific notation.  They have a quiz tomorrow that will be very similar to the work done in class today.
 October 6th:
7th grade Honors:  We had a Rachel's Challenge assembly today and many of the kids in both my first period Honors and 2nd Period Honors were attending an assembly with the presenter when our assembly was over. Therefore, no homework /assignments given today. We will start again on Power of Powers tomorrow. 
8th grade Regular:    Students that finished their quiz on Friday were given their quiz back again today. We loaded an app on our iPads today called Buzz Math . This app will prepare the kids for their big test at the end of the year ; it focuses on the Common Core Standards for the kids and also looks at NCTM math practices as well. Each student registered today and we allowed them to go on and try on section on exponents as a practice. No homework given. Students need to log in at least 1/2 hour this week on Moby Max though.
 October 7th:
 7th grade Honors:  Quiz on Thursday on sections 1:3 and 1:4; homework tonight; page 31, #1-27 all.
 8th grade Regular: Next Chapter test will be Monday on Scientific Notation; today we practiced multiplication of Scientific Notation. Students need to log in a total of 30 minutes this week on their account. Students can use Buzz Math to practice their skills for this chapter as well as the IXL app and also the Monkey in the Middle app for Middle school math (under scientific notation).
Oct 10th:
7th grade Honors:  These students will take their Chapter 1 test in the purple book on Wednesday; they will be given a study guide on Monday; today we worked on section 1:5, negative exponents. Students homework  was  page 46, # 1,3, 4, 6, 10, 13, 17.
8th grade Regular: The students were given a study guide yesterday for the Chapter test .....the test is Monday; last big grade for the nine weeks. They can use that study guide along with the video that Mrs. Laganke made on Schoology ( would be in yesterday's folder) and study those for the test. Today they spent 1/2 the period with each math teacher and practiced items for the test. 
They can also use our apps to practice ( IXL and also Monkey in the Middle) 
October 13th
7th grade Honors :  Students were given a two page study guide to complete; it will be graded tomorrow and recorded as a homework/classwork grade; they also need to complete page 53, # 17 . Test is Wednesday
8th grade Regular: Students took a chapter test today in class; they were given a chance at extra credit that is due by tomorrow ; work needs to be shown on a separate sheet or on the back.
They also have a question to answer on Schoology under the discussion blog. 
 Oct 15th;
 7th grade Honors:  This group took their Chapter one test today from the purple book; no homework ; they were asked to read the first section of Chapter 2 and pre-read/front-load that information.
8th grade Regular: Students are working on a 20 point project in which they have four choices regarding scientific notation;
Choice 1-----make 20 flash cards; put the standard form on one side and the scientific notation on the other; when all cards are finished, put them in order from least to greatest.
Choice 2......the Earth and the moon; students had to find the mass of both in kilograms and then put those in Scientific notation; then find their combined masses and the difference in their masses and then tell how many times greater the Earth is
Choice 3:  Find the distance of each planet from the sun; put in standard form and then in scientific form and then find the difference between the largest and the smallest
Choice 4:  Find the last census data about Mentor. Find Mentor's population then and change to scientific notation; find the census data regarding all of Lake County.
Write in both standard and scientific notation.
How many times greater is the population of Lake County than Mentor? 
 October 16th
7th grade Honors: Tests were given back today; we went over those that the kids wanted to see; Students were then put in groups of 4-5 and given an Enrichment Activity about eruptions and volcanoes. They will be given more time on Monday to look back at the activity and finish; no homework . 
8th grade Regular: 
 Collected any projects that weren't handed it yet. Students viewed a presentation on Google Docs called Algebra Island ; students learned how to use algebra tiles on the their online textbook to solve one step equations. No homework given.
October 20th:
7th grade Honors:   Students were back in groups at the start of the period to finish their Enrichment Activity on the eruption of volcanoes.  We started into the Purple book again; chapter 2 on Scientific Notation; no homework given. Students learned how to change numbers from Scientific Notation to Standard form and visa versa.
8th grade Regular:  Students watched a video on Schoology about solving 1/2 step equations. They were then put into station mode with their chairs and were asked to complete at least station one on using addition and subtraction of one-step equations. If time remained, they could do the station with multiplication and division of one step equations.
Students were directed to practice using the Buzz Math app 
October 21, 2014
7th grade Honors: We completed section one today; students worked with partners on both practice and enrichment types of questions . Homework today is to complete the assigned questions from the Enrichment paper. Next test is likely Monday or Tuesday of next week.
8th grade Regular:   Students worked on a range of activities today depending on their progression from yesterday. Students that completed station 1 moved to station 2. After the completion of station 2 , students were given a five question quiz using Google Docs.
We then preceded to a video on Schoology and then a double-sided worksheet on combining like terms and on the distributive property. We are looking at having a quiz this Friday. 
Students then worked on Moby Max for the last 10 minutes of class.  Each student needs to be logging in at least 1/2 hr a week.  
 October 22, 2014
7th grade Honors:  We completed section 2:2 today on adding and subtracting in scientific notation. The students were given an assignment tonight in their text; pages 79-80, # 1-2, 5, 8-9, 14---all parts of this. Work should be shown for each and labels should be applied to any of the word problems.
This group will have a Chapter test on either Monday or Tuesday of next week.
8th grade Regular:  Students will be grouped today in one of 3 groups.  One group is working independently while one group is with me and one is working with Mrs. Laganke. Our focus is still trying to solve one and two step equations. There is a quiz on Friday on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing one step equations. It also includes information on combining like terms and also the distributive property. The kids can use the Buzz Math and look for one and two step equations and re-watch two videos on Schoology under either period 4 or 8 and in the Monday and Tuesday folder that would help them review the steps for all of everything listed.
 October 27, 2014
7th grade Honors: 
Students have a test tomorrow on Chapter 2 Scientific Notation. Students prepared for the test during the class today.
 8th grade Regular:
 Students were introduced to equations with variables on both sides.
Different groups were formed by using the kids' quiz scores from Friday.
Students were given apps that they could be using nightly to help them with the algebra that we are working ; IXL app on grade 8 level and letter U; letters 4-6.  Middle school math----monkey in the middle......Algebra app; Buzz Math as well. 
October 28th:
7th grade Honors:
 Students took their Chapter test today on Ch 2 and will now be moving on to 3 chapters straight in the 7th grade Green book . Students were given a two-sided problem solving sheet ; one side is entitled, "Aunt Martha's Cupcakes" ....they are to read the situation that is given and try to solve it. The other side is another Cartoon Corner, in which they were assigned just the first question, parts a and b.
 8th grade Regular:
 Students were in one of six groups today; two groups spent time with Mrs. Laganke and myself going over how to solve equations with variables on both sides.  The other groups spent their time in one of these two ways:
A.  One group spent 20 minutes on Moby Max and the rest of the period completing a worksheet on the above in which they had to solve the 2nd part of an equation or show their steps and then grade it based on how I solved it or
B. The other groups spent the first 20 minutes on Moby Max and then went to the IXL app, went to Algebra 1 instead of grade 8 and then went to J and 6 to practice the type of equations that we were working on today. 
October 30th, 2014
7th grade Honors: Students started section 3:1 on combining like terms; the students practiced with integers, decimals and also fractions today; they also used what they learned to find the perimeter of several triangles and found the area of a couple of rectangles; no homework given.
8th grade Regular:  Students were in several groups today practicing for tomorrow's quiz ; this quiz will consist of questions on one and two step equations involving addition, subtraction , multiplication and division and also combining like terms, distributive property and variables on both sides. Two quizzes were created on Schoology for students to take as practice for tomorrow's quiz.
Students can also use one of our apps; IXL, or Middle school math ( monkey in the middle) or Buzz Math to practice all of the above concepts. 
 November 3rd: 
 7th grade Honors:   We started section 3:3 today; students were assigned page 152, #4,12,17-18,22.
 8th grade Regular:   Students will be finishing quizzes on Schoology on one and two step equations. Once they have done so, they will watch a video I made that is on file on Schoology on solving equations with decimals. After viewing the video, they may work with a partner on solving 10 equations ; if started in class , it needs to go home and be completed for homework . Students may still practice each night using IXL; logging on through Algebra 1; Monkey in the Middle App, Buzz Math app, etc...........
November 4th.........NO SCHOOL
November 5th:
7th grade Honors: 
This group started the Distributive Property today ; their assignment was page 159, # 1-15 (odd).
They will have an open book/notebook quiz on Friday that will cover this chapter so far ........sections 1-4.
8th grade Regular: Students worked in one of 4 groups today:
1. Group 1 worked on finishing the on-line quizzes on Schoology with Mrs. Laganke and watched a video from Monday in the Schoology folder on Decimals and Equations.
2. Group 2 try to finish up the on-line quizzes with Mrs. Laganke.
3. Group 3 watched the video on Schoology and then worked on the first worksheet on decimals and equations for practice. If this wasn't completed in class it was for homework. This had 10 practice problems and two word problems that needed the student to set up an algebraic equation that would work to solve the problem.
4. Group 4 listened to the answers on the first worksheet to see how they did from their work on Monday of this week and then they were given a second ws to complete on decimals and equations which will be graded and recorded on Infinite Campus. If this was not finished within the class period, it was homework.
5. All groups should be working on logging in their 1/2 hr for Moby Max this week.
 November 10th:
7th grade Honors: Today we did some problem solving questions for practice for the PARCC testing. We started the section in the text on factoring but didn't get far enough I felt to give any type of an assignment.
8th grade Regular:  This group graded an in-class quiz from Friday that they worked with a partner on. They then had an assignment in which they had to grade a finished quiz by a made up student to see how they would score the student's work. They had to look to see if that student's work was correct and if it wasn't, how could they fix it. 
This was an error analysis type of assignment.
For homework they need to go to the Schoology site and go to the Monday folder; in there they need to watch the video on one, none or Infinite number of solutions video for algebraic equations. They should take notes as they watch the video. They may also work on Moby Max for the week.  
November 11, 2014
7th grade Honors; Students will have a test about Thursday of next week. We worked again on factoring. No homework given.
8th grade Regular:  Students were split into two groups today; One group worked with error analysis and word problems. One group worked with types of equations with one solution, no solution or an infinite number of solutions.
 November 13th:
7th grade Honors: Chapter 3 test next Thursday. Students are working on 1 or 2 problem solving questions tonight for homework; we worked on the section from yesterday once again with a partner today.
8th grade Regular: Students worked in pairs on section 3:3 today . Students have one question pertaining to geometry to finish tonight as well as get their 1/2 hr in on Moby Max for this week.
November 17th:
7th grade Honors: We started section 3:7 today; students should take their notes home and review what we did today to solve the problems that we worked on. We did bar modeling on a couple of the examples. Test is Friday
8th grade Regular: We gave them a packet today on type of solutions and problem solving; they had almost the entire period to work on this today; if they didn't finish the packet, they are to do that for homework ; the entire packet should be completed by tomorrow. Students should also work on Moby Max for the week. 
 November 18th:
7th grade Honors: Chapter 3 test for this group will be on Friday. It will cover sections 1-7.  Today students worked on the chapter study guide. They are responsible for completing the following by tomorrow:  Page 186-187, #  1, 3, 6, 7, 10, 13, 15, 18, 19, 23, 24, 26, 30, 31.
8th grade Regular: Chapter 3 test for this group will be on Friday. Students should be working on their Moby Max time for the week. Students were given a chapter study guide today for completion. They were given most of the class period today to finish; if the work wasn't finished in class it needs to be done this evening . Over the next two days in class, Mrs. Laganke and I will work in smaller groups to help students review key areas of the chapter; they will include reviewing all types of equations and how to solve them , problem solving and choosing the algebraic equation that fits the situation, finding if the solution to an algebraic equation is one solution , no solution  or an infinite number of solutions. 
November 19th:
7th grade Honors: Students have a test on Friday on Chapter 3 in the green book; students need to work on 5 more practice problems on pages 186-187, # 2,4,8,14,17
8th grade Regular: Test on chapter 3 on Friday; students need to finish their study guide from yesterday and also complete question # 3 on the review sheet from today.
November 20th:
7th grade Honors:  Students have a chapter 3 test tomorrow. Students should be able to distribute, combine like terms, use bar modeling to show distributive property and factor and use it to solve word problems. Students should be able to simplify expressions.
8th grade Regular:  Students have a chapter 3 test tomorrow. Students should be able to solve multi-step equations and should be able to distribute and combine like terms. Students should be able to solve word problems by deciding on an appropriate equation to use as well.
November 21st:
7th grade Honors : Students took a chapter test; no homework ; we will begin chapter 4 in the green book next.
8th grade Regular:  Students took a chapter test; no homework given.
November 24th:
7th grade Honors;   Students got their Chapter 3 tests back; we went over those missed. In first period, we did not get through the entire test to go over those missed but in 2nd I did except for the bonus.  I gave each student a copy of a Thanksgiving extra credit assignment due tomorrow. 
8th grade Regular: Students either finished their Chapter 3 test, started it , or it was returned if they finished it on Friday. We went over the questions missed; we then took out about 10-15 minutes to review how to add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals as we are still having trouble with this and it is affecting our answers that we get in our algebraic equations. Each student was given a copy of the extra credit / a Thanksgiving Day logic puzzle that is due tomorrow.
November 25th:
7th grade Honors:  We had a problem solving day today; no homework given. I will start on Chapter 4 in the Green book when we return.  
8th grade Regular:  We practiced addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals because the kids still struggle with these; not all questions on the PARCC assessment will allow a calculator so we are practicing these elementary school skills again.  NO homework given except to complete the time on Moby Max for this week which is 1/2 hour. 
December 3rd:
7th grade Honors:  This group just started section 4:2 today due to my absence. I did not get far enough to make an assignment due to shortened classes today due to AimsWeb testing this morning. If students did not complete the assignment given in the green book A from yesterday's sub, they are to finish it this evening; that assignment was a cumulative review on pages 126-127 all. 
8th grade Regular:  Mrs. Laganke and I covered slope today in class and students practiced graphing two ordered pairs, making the line that connects them and then identifying if the slope was positive or negative and then students had to find the actual slope of the line. No homework was given . Homework was given last night from Mrs. Laganke on identifying ordered pairs  and trying to locate ordered pairs. That is due by tomorrow if it wasn't handed in today. 
December 4th, 2014
7th grade Honors: Students in first/second periods worked on solving multi-step equations; both classes were given the same packet but had different questions to work on for tonight; Period 1 #  2,3,10,12,15-17 and period 2, # 8,11,12,16,20,24,28; Students are expected to show the steps to the entire question and should be using substitution to check their work. Graded attempted. 
8th grade Regular:   Mrs. Laganke gave the kids a worksheet today to review how to graph ordered pairs and find slope; Mrs. Laurie went over how to find the slope given the slope formula and two ordered pairs. Students in 4th may have used a QR code and have 16 problems to complete reviewing the above items; Students in 8th will have a worksheet that asks them to review both concepts; this will count as a graded assignment . Students need to also work on logging into Moby Max for the week. 
December 5th:
7th grade Honors:  Period one and two were given the last set of practice problems today on multi-step equations; they will use the same packet from yesterday and each group was given 10 questions to take home for homework ; these questions are due on Monday and count as a graded classwork grade:
First period was assigned:  5, 11, 13, 14, 19, 24, 25, 26, 32, 33
Second period was assigned:  6, 10, 13, 15, 17, 18, 21, 27, 32, 36
All work should be shown and be legible.
8th grade Regular: Each student was given a two -sided worksheet ; the front has 8 questions in which the students have to plot two points and find the slope for each.  The back of the worksheet has 12 questions in which the students are given two ordered pairs and they must use the slope formula to find the slope. This is due by Monday at the end of either 4th or 8th period completed and will count as a graded classwork grade.  
December 8th:
7th grade Honors:  Students reviewed equations from this past Friday and we went over as many as they wanted to see as time permitted; we are on an AM assembly schedule and their class was shortened. We started a new section today on Writing Algebraic equations given a word problem. We had time to go over three from the textbook; no homework was given. I will be out the next three days due to an Inservice in Mentor. I have asked the students to bring both their textbook and their notebook to class to use as a reference. 
8th grade Regular:  Students reviewed the concept of slope using t-tables and ordered pairs. We reviewed how to find a slope using the formula and also by seeing it on a graph. I did start a lesson on how to use the slope intercept form with the kids so that they could find the slope and the y-intercept. Students were asked to go to their online textbook through Puffin Academy and try pages 152-153, #1-8 with a partner , but we didn't get the chance to finish it. It would be wise for the students to review that concept . Students also need to start working on their Moby Max for the week. I will be out for the next three days at an inservice in Mentor. Students will be given a cover sheet tomorrow with day by day directions; they are expected to do two tasks each day while I am gone; these 6 tasks will count as a project grade and will total 100 points over the three days. 
December 12th:
7th grade Honors:    Students took the time with me today to go back to what they did on Tuesday with multi-step equations and I allowed them to ask me which ones that they felt they needed to see worked out ; we also went over the answers to the word problems that they were given on Wednesday while I was at my three day inservice. We didn't have the time to go over the actual work just the answers . Students were allowed to use the last 10 minutes to begin their chapter 3 re-take if they had signed up to do so; students came during their lunch period to finish.
8th grade Regular:  Mrs. Laganke and I have been at a three day inservice that ran from Tuesday to Thursday and just returned today. We had given the students a cover sheet in which they checked off their work that was assigned to them over that time. Today we allowed students to finish anything that wasn't done from those three days; students worked on Moby Max for about 10-15 minutes and a small group of kids worked in a small group with me on the next section of chapter 4. No homework given. 
December 15th
7th grade Honors: We spent our time today reviewing section 4:3 on word problems and making an algebraic equation that dealt with the word problem. In 2nd period, we started a lesson on 4:4; inequalities. Their final test will be a shortened version and will cover 4:1-4:4 with a smaller emphasis on 4:4. This test will be Thursday for them .  I asked them to take home their notes from today and study from them .
8th grade Regular:  This group's last test grade will be on Wednesday and will be similar to the quiz found in their packet from last week. It will include information about the quadrants, t-tables, slope and y-intercept. They need to make sure that they can also complete questions like those found on pages 152-153 in which they must look at a graph and find the y-intercept and the slope. Tomorrow we will cover how to put equations into y = mx+b form.
December 16th:
7th grade Honors: We are taking the practice PARCC assessment tomorrow in class. This is just a practice run-through for the kids and doesn't count against their current class grade. These students do have their last chapter test on Thursday in class that will cover 4:1-4:4; I went over with them specific items to look at in their notes, their textbook and also their worksheets that they have done in class. They will need to know how to solve multi-step equations, write equations for word problems and also solve and graph inequalities. 
8th grade Regular: Tomorrow, this class will take their last Chapter test for the 9 weeks. They will take their practice PARCC Assessment for math on Thursday. The test tomorrow will resemble the quiz in their packet from last week with some slight changes that I made during the class period today; they were told exactly what to study. Their will be one other part added to the last quiz which will be writing equations in y=mx+b form.  
December 17th:
Math 7 Honors; This class will be taking the practice PARCC math test today on the Chromebook; just the calculator version; it is for practice ; we will not be grading and recording this grade but will go over it when the students return after break. They have their last chapter test tomorrow; it will cover 4:1-4:4 and we went over what to study yesterday in class.
Math 8 Regular: This class will be taking their last test of the nine weeks; chapter 4 test on slope and y intercept ; tomorrow students will take the practice PARCC math test in class on the Chromebook. 
 December 18th:
7th grade Honors: Students took their chapter 4 test today; no homework.
8th grade Regular: Students took their practice PARCC assessment for math; no homework. 
January 5th, 2015
7th grade Honors; We didn't get a big amount accomplished today in class; we had an assembly and shortened classes; we started our Chapter 5 Quick Check in the green book. We will officially start the chapter tomorrow.......after we leave this chapter , we will go back into the Purple book and I will collect the green one. No homework given other than to read ahead and look at section 1.
8th grade Regular:   One class was shortened today and one class was regular length;  we tried to log on to Moby Max and put in about 15 minutes today ; we also started a review of where we were in the textbook before break; we practiced writing equations in slope intercept form.
 January 6th, 2015
7th grade Honors: This class started section 5:1 today; 2nd period got a little further through the material than 1st period did; I assigned page 257, #1-4, #10; I want them to try their best at figuring each of these out; we will spend tomorrow working through more examples and also going through these homework questions to see where the problems/difficulties are.  
8th grade Regular: We spent 1/2 to 3/4 of the class period presenting the lesson then students were assigned to a group of 3 to support each other through the questions; students scanned a QR code and were required to do 2 out of the 3 sections of the work; if they didn't finish, they will have a chance to finish this assignment tomorrow; it was not given as homework. The first section required the students to write an equation in slope-intercept form and the second part of the assignment required that the students find the slope of two ordered pairs.
January 12th:
Math 7 Honors: Students completed their notes on section 5:1 today and were given a short assignment to complete. It is pages 257-258, # 5-9 and #15 for tomorrow.
Math 8 regular: We reviewed how to put equations into slope intercept form and the slope formula from last Tuesday. Students scanned a QR code and were to complete this lesson and grade it using Schoology. If a student still needs to check their work they can go to Schoology and then 4th or 8th period and go to the Wednesday folder ( we put it there because we thought we would be here last Wednesday); they need to check their work to see how they did. If they were successful on this , I will give them a similar sheet tomorrow that they will complete for a grade on Infinite Campus on these two items.  
 January 13th:
Math 7 Honors: Students were to finish their group work today in class on section 5:1; direct proportions; an extra credit assignment was given in class and is due tomorrow. 
 Math 8 Regular:  Students were to finish the worksheet on writing equations in slope intercept form and finding slope of two points; this is a graded assignment; if it wasn't finished in class it is due tomorrow.
 January 14th:
7th grade Honors: We used the first part of the period to grade/check-in the assignments from yesterday which included classwork and extra credit. We went over section 5:2 orally today by using the questions at the end of the section where the students needed to make the connection between a direct equation and seeing it as a linear equation. No homework given . Test on Chapter 5 next Friday.
8th grade Regular:  Students will be coming home with their Discovery Lab assignment today. It consists of an everyday question about Domino's pizza ; students are being asked to answer three questions in sentence/paragraph form and either make a table or draw a graph to explain their reasoning . 
If a student is able to use slope-intercept form to answer the questions , that will be fabulous. I gave them this assignment to see if they could make connections between what we have been studying and this pizza example. This assignment is due tomorrow.  
 January 15th, 2015
7th grade Honors; Chapter test next Friday, January 23rd. Homework tonight is page 272-273, # 3, 7-8, 14-16. This will be graded attempted and is on section 5:3; real -world proportions and direct proportions.
8th grade Regular :  Students worked in small groups today on finalizing their answers to the pizza question about Domino's posed yesterday. We then began review/practice for their PARCC assessment by doing some questions in a packet; they are responsible for questions 2, 3, 4.
January 16th:
7th grade Honors: Homework was given tonight on section 5:4; it is graded attempted; it is due on Tuesday; test on the chapter will be Friday.
8th grade Regular:  Students were given extra help/practice with the PARCC test today in class. They worked on their Ipad and the Showbie app and then we worked through the questions together in class. They were given question #7 in their packet from yesterday to work on ; this is due on Tuesday.
 January 20th:
Math 7 Honors:   Chapter test on Friday on chapter 5; We worked in groups on two PARCC assessment questions from the practice tests. We went over the answers to the homework from last Friday. Students were given directions to using Moby Max. They are required to take the placement test and then log on at least 30 minutes per week.
 8th grade Regular: We worked on some PARCC type of questions with the kids about real life math and finding the slope and y-intercept of a word problem. Students had access to tables and graphs as well. We did spend some time today on Moby Max too. We will be starting into Functions and into Chapter 6 tomorrow.
January 21st:
Math 7 Honors: Students should be completing their 30 minutes of Moby Max for the week; they first must take the pre-test or placement test. Students were instructed yesterday as to how to log on.  The assignment for tonight is pages 291-293; # 1-12 all, 13, 16, 17, 19 all, 21, 23 all and #24.
This will count as a quiz grade for the kids tomorrow because it is the end of the chapter study guide/practice test. The Chapter 5 test is this Friday on all of chapter 5.
Math 8 Regular: The students did one practice PARCC assessment question today with a small group. We checked in the five homework questions that they had and we started Chapter 6 on Functions. Students were directed to scan a QR code at the end of class that is a Khan Academy video on Functions that they should view before coming to class tomorrow.  
 January 22nd:
Math 7 Honors: Moby Max log-in of 30 minutes per week due by Friday at 3:40pm; students may ask for a media center pass if necessary; Chapter 5 test tomorrow; students are permitted to use a calculator on any aspect of the test. Students will return their textbook tomorrow; Green book A; we have now completed it and will now resume where we left off in the purple book A; we will start Chapter 3 on Monday in this book.
Math 8 Regular: These students will continue to work on functions; students will be given a graded assignment in class tomorrow that will count as a quiz grade for this nine weeks that will resemble the entrance pass from today.
January 23rd:
Math 7 Honors: Turned in 7th grade green book A; took Chapter test; Just a reminder that each student needs to log in at least 30 minutes of Moby Max time each week. Students should have taken their placement test this week. 
Math 8 Regular: Students worked on 10 minutes of Moby Max, went to the IXL app on their iPad and practiced the Algebra 1 setting on domain and range and took a quiz on functions and the year in review.
January 26th:
7th grade Honors:  Students got tests back today; we went over a good portion of those marked wrong and will finish the task tomorrow. Students began Chapter 3 in the purple book by taking the pre-test on the chapter.  Students are reminded to begin their work on Moby Max for this week; time to log in is at least 30 minutes per week.
8th grade Regular:   Students need to get their 30 minutes of Moby Max in; they were asked to visit the IXL app and log into Algebra 1; letter  Q and then Q4 ; working on functions. Students have a packet to complete on practice on slope and y-intercept using a graph (*this is practice for the PARCC)
Math 7 Honors: Classes were shortened today due to an assembly schedule.......we finished checking our quick check ( pre-test ) on Chapter 3 in the purple book. ......will start chapter officially tomorrow. Students need to keep working on their log in time on Moby Max.
Math 8 Regular:   We graded an assignment from last night on slope; we also reviewed quickly for tomorrow's quiz; The quiz tomorrow covers 3 things:  1. It will contain questions from last Friday's quiz on functions. 2. Will contain questions similar to those found on the IXL app, Algebra 1; Q2    3. Will contain questions similar to those found on the IXL app, Algebra 1: Q4. We also introduced an activity that we will be doing 1-2x a week; called a Walk in the Parcc or Going for Gold ( goldfish) where the students will be in groups of 3-4.
January 28th:
Math 7 Honors: Students had 5 questions to complete tonight in section 3:1; they may use their book and their notes; it will probably be a little difficult but I expect them to try it. They need to show steps and should substitute their answer back in to make sure that it is a solution.  
Math 8 Regular: Students took a quiz again on functions and worked Moby Max; they will be in groups tomorrow for PARCC practice. No homework tonight; May practice IXL app ( Algebra 1; Q 2 and Q4)
January 29th:
Math 7 Honors: Classes were shortened due to am assembly schedule today. Students in first period were given two more questions to try on page 102-103, # 8,25 and 2nd period was given # 7 and 23 on the same two pages.
Math 8 Regular: Discussed extra credit chance from yesterday; quizzes that were taken yesterday were handed back and we discussed the correct answers. We worked in PARCC practice groups; students did another 3-5 questions. Answers were read and discussed. 
January 30th:
Math 7 Honors: First period; page 102-103, # 7 and 23; Second period , pages 102-103, # 5,12,19,26. Graded attempted . Quiz on Wednesday on both 3:1 and 3:2 from Purple book A. 
Math 8 Regular: Students worked in groups on PARCC folders; they practiced system of equations, negative exponents, functions, etc.
February 3rd:
7th grade Honors: Students covered section 3:2 today; quiz on 3:1/3:2 will be Thursday of this week. Students were given a packet today; they are responsible for 1-6, 20-21, 24.  They should also be fulfilling their week of Moby Max.
This packet will be graded.
8th grade Regular: This group worked on section 6:3 today in class. They were also introduced to another concept on the IXL app; for them, their chapter test will be next week probably either Tuesday or Wednesday. It will include all of chapter 6. They can be using the IXL app and going to Algebra 1 and trying Q 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12. We have practiced Q 2-4 after today.  They need to continue logging onto Moby Max to meet or exceed their 1/2 hr for the week . 
February 4th
Honors: Quiz tomorrow on sections 3:1/3:2 in purple book; students must be able to solve algebraic multi-step equations and also be able to write algebraic equations for word problems. They must also be able to identify if an equation has one solution, no solution or an infinite number of solutions.
8th grade Regular:  Students should be taking the time at home to practice the IXL app on Q2, 4, 3, 6, 12 and also working on completing Moby Max for the week.
Students were given homework tonight; Worksheet ; first side just questions 8, 11, 12 and on the back side ....all of the questions; will be graded tomorrow. 
February 5th:
7th grade Honors: Students took quiz on 3:1/3:2; no homework except to finish logging in 1/2 hour this week on Moby Max.
8th grade Regular: Students will have a test on about Wednesday of next week on Chapter 6 on Functions. I suggest that look at the last two quizzes that we have taken, any notes, worksheets or packets, items on Schoology , etc to study from . They can also use IXL app to practice the following to help them on their test.......Algebra 1; then go to letter Q, Q2, 3, 4, 6, 12. They need to make sure that they have logged in their weekly 1/2 hour on Moby Max as well.
February 9th:
7th grade Honors 
Gave back quiz from Thursday; we spent the entire period going over this. Test will be coming soon for this chapter ; no homework other than to start your time on Moby Max for the week.
 8th grade Regular: Chapter test on Chapter 6 this Thursday; we did a review lesson today working as a team of 3 or 4 ; students had to cut out pieces with an equation, an initial value or y-intercept or a rate of change or slope and then match it with a situation or a graph on a coordinate plane to review key concepts of this chapter for their test.
February 10th:
7th grade Honors: Students worked in groups today to complete an assignment on 3:3. Their unfinished work from this assignment is due tomorrow and will count as a grade on Infinite Campus.
 Chapter test will be this Friday.
8th grade Regular: The students worked with the same group of kids to finish a review assignment from yesterday. Their homework tonight is out of the textbook....they may use their on-line one if they go through Puffin Academy where we have their textbook bookmarked......Assignment is page 276, #1-6 and also page 286, #1-4. Their chapter test is on Thursday.
 February 11th;
7th grade Honors:  Students will be having their Chapter test on Friday; if there happens to be a cold day/snow day that day the test would then be moved to the following Tuesday. First period went over the packet from last night and we went over those questions missed, while Second period briefly started working on section 3:4. This group needs to also be working on their Moby Max for the week. 
8th grade Regular:  This group reviewed for their Chapter 6 test on Functions today; we split the kids up into two groups; they spent 1/2 of the time with Mrs. Laganke working on chapter concepts and 1/2 of the time with me working on other chapter concepts. Their test is tomorrow....they need to also be logging onto Moby Max for their 1/2 hr this week. They can use IXL app, Algebra 1 and then go to Q 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 to help them review for the test as well as any paperwork or packets they have , along with notes and also folders from Schoology.
February 12th:
7th grade Honors: I changed the test date from Friday to Tuesday of next week on Chapter 3; tonight the students are completing part of the chapter review. The pages are 126-127 # 1,3,10,11,13,15,20,23,26,and 29A. This will be graded as a quiz grade and is due tomorrow.
8th grade Regular: The students took a Chapter test today; they may need to add minutes for Moby Max but other than that they have no homework this evening. 
February 13th;
7th grade Honors: We went over the study guide and worked out any questions that the students wanted to see; the students then choose questions out of the chapter that they would like to see worked out.
Chapter 3 test is on Tuesday.
8th grade Regular: Students spent the first 10 minutes doing Moby Max and then spent the rest of the time together on working on PARCC folder practice with their teams. 
February 17th:
7th grade Honors: These students took a chapter test; no homework , other than to start working on Moby Max for the week. 
8th grade Regular: Students were given their tests back today; we went over all of the correct answers with them and worked out those missed. Students were given one worksheet with three parts and were asked to complete it and answer the two questions at the bottom of it.
February 18th:
7th grade Honors: Tests were handed back and we went over the ones that the kids wanted to see worked out. We then used a website (EdCite) to look at other Common Core Standards for them as 7th graders and worked on teams to find an answer to each question presented.....the students will finish this task tomorrow.
8th grade Regular: These students had a station day today and will complete the station day tomorrow. The kids were able to rotate through three stations today ; one was remediation using Moby Max, two were frontloading...........both on System of with teacher and one with a video and the use of an IXL app that we use frequently; one was a matching station on functions which used skills that were on the last test we took and the other was on EdCite with practice on PARCC style questions reviewing all of the previous chapters that we have studied.
February 24th:
7th grade Honors: Students have a small packet with highlighted items on proportions to complete tonight for homework. This assignment will be graded . Students need to also be working on blizzard bags for day 6, 7, and 8. They may turn them in as they finish them; I will ask for completion on a daily basis. They have two weeks to complete these.
8th grade Regular:  All students will be coming home tonight with one assignment from the station day today that we had in class. The homework with either be on work from the IXL station on finding whether or not an ordered pair is a solution to a given set of equations or homework from Mrs. Laganke's station on system of equations. They also need to be completing day 6, 7, and 8 of their Blizzard bags. They are posted online and we have made QR codes if necessary and a few packets that we printed if needed.
 February 25th:
7th grade Honors:   Tonight; no homework given ; we didn't get far enough today that I felt comfortable in giving them an assignment. We worked on grading the proportion packet and then I went over the concepts of commission, sales tax, discounts and finding interest. Students need to be working on their Moby Max time for the week and starting/ finishing their blizzard bags.
8th grade Regular:   Today Mrs. Laganke and I split the kids up where they spent half the period with her and half with me; In her small groups they worked on System of Equations and in our small groups we worked on finishing their PARCC folders that we have been working on as teams going over linear equations , reading a graph and making a linear graph. Students need to work on getting their Moby Max time for the week.
February 27th:
7th grade Honors:  My 1st period yesterday was given their second packet for completion. They were to do Lesson #11, # 5, 6, and 1, 2, 3 on the back and Lesson # 12, # 2,3, 4 and extra credit was #6.
Today I will have my 2nd period class; their homework will be the same as what was listed here for period 1; this is our set-up because of 7th grade testing right now........ 
8th grade Regular:   Students in our 4th period worked through all homework from last night with me; Mrs. Laganke was still in a testing situation......... I gave them the same packet , but numbers 4 and 6 to work on this evening. They must graph both lines and then find where the intersection point is and that is the solution or answer. Then I have asked them to substitute the values in and show me that they work.........My 8th period today will be taught by Mr. Cappalucci across the hall while I teach my Honors class because of testing. 
March 2nd:
7th grade Honors:  2nd period class today; Please complete the packet from today: do questions #34, 37, 40 41 on inequalities and then #8, 10, 12 , *13 on area.
Test on packets on Friday............Please bring your Purple book back to class tomorrow.
8th grade Regular: Periods 4 and 8: Quiz on Wednesday on two concepts; Is the ordered pair a solution to the given two equations and can I graph two equations and find the point of intersection or the solution?  Tonight's homework........same packet from last week; questions # 12, 13.
March 3rd:
7th grade Honors:  Today in first period, I did with them what I did with 2nd period yesterday. Their assignment can be found in March 2nd from above. The second period class worked on slope and covered how to find slope of two points on a coordinate plane and also how to find slope using the slope formula.
8th grade Regular: This group has a quiz tomorrow on solving a system of equations from graphing. They need to use the IXL app to practice; they need to go to Algebra 1; and then to letter U and then to # 1 and #2 for extra practice. We spend the period today reviewing for the quiz tomorrow. They have plenty of practice worksheets to use to practice from . 
March 5th:
7th grade Honors: These students need to finish their Blizzard Bags ( 6-8) as they are due on Monday.  
 We have completed sections 4:1 and 4:2; First period does not have homework tonight other than to study for their last test tomorrow which is on the 3 packets that we completed prior to PARCC testing......they are responsible for knowing information on graphing/algebra, finding the area of an irregular shape, inequalities, discounts, sales tax, interest, proportions. Both first and second period have this test tomorrow.  Second period has homework tonight on 4:1/4:2 ; selected questions....graded attempted. All students need to be working on their weekly MOBY MAX>
8th grade Regular: Students took their quiz yesterday on graphing a system of equations. We did not meet with either our 4th or our 8th period today due to a different schedule because of PARCC testing today. All students need to make sure that they are logging onto MOBY MAX this week. 
March 6th;
7th grade Honors:   This class took a test today and they do not have homework unless they didn't put their Moby Max time in for the week or they have completed their blizzard bags; they are due by Tuesday.
 8th grade Regular: I will not see my 4th period class today due to testing....they need to finish their Moby Max for the week; minimum of 30 minutes. They also need to make sure that they have completed all three days of their Blizzard Bags; these are due by Tuesday. I will see my 8th period class today and we will continue working through the chapter . 
March 9th:
7th grade Honors: Because of testing today ( 7th gr PARCC in math) , I only got to see my first period at the end of the day.  This group is working in the purple book....Chapter 4.....they will be coming home with a packet today if they don't finish it in is graded attempted. They only need to do the highlighted questions. They need to continue to log into Moby Max and complete their 1/2 hr each week. All students that haven't finished their BLIZZARD BAGS will need to finish these for days 6, 7, 8 as they are all due by tomorrow. 
8th grade Regular:   Due to testing, periods 4 and 8 are not in the same place. Today I will see both groups.  Period 4 will not have homework tonight ; they are starting a new section on system of equations and word problems.  They must complete their BLIZZARD BAGS as they are due by tomorrow ( for days 6, 7, 8). Period 8 may have homework tonight depending on where we get to today in class.  If there is homework, it will be on real-world problems and writing a system of equations.
March 11, 2015
7th grade Honors:  Students took some notes on section 4:3 today in class. We are looking at a chapter test on this chapter probably about Tuesday of next week , which would be the first big grade of the last 9 weeks. Students are able to re-take one test or one quiz but this must be done by this Friday. 
Students need to be working on their MOBY MAX time of 1/2 hour each week.   This needs to be done at home.
8th grade Regular:  This group worked on MOBY MAX for 15 minutes in class today. They finished going over some real-world questions/word problems in which they must define a variable and then set up a system of equations and solve for the variable being asked for in the question. We will start the elimination method in 8th period today; this will be the last section that we need to cover before a test on this chapter. The test will include graphing of a system of equations, real world problems and also using the Elimination Method and a system of equations.
March 12th:
7th grade Honors: Students were given a double-sided worksheet on writing linear equations that they are to complete tonight......I did 5 of them for them in class today; Graded attempted....students need to continue to work on logging onto Moby Max.
8th grade Regular:   Fourth period needs to complete questions 1 and 3 on the packet that I gave them today on word problems and solving a system of equations; we took notes today that they can use to help them.   Eighth period will work on the same worksheet today in class. They may be given all of them to do since they are a day ahead of 4th due to PARCC testing.
 March 13th: 
7th grade Honors:   First period was given 5 problems for homework; page 164, # 3,6,7,10,14 on Section 4:3; Second period was given a different assignment because they are a little bit ahead due to PARCC testing....their assignment was page 164, # 4, 8, 10, 12, 15; most of them finished it in class....this group was given an extra credit assignment entitled, BRAIN WORK that is due on Monday . Please make sure that you are logging onto MOBY MAX each week for 30 minutes.
8th grade Regular:  Both classes are split today; one group works with Mrs. Laganke on real world problems and solving a system of equations while the other group works with Mrs. Laurie doing the Elimination Method when dealing with a system of equations. We then switch 1/2 through the class......Each group was given a packet yesterday regarding real world problems and a system of equations...yesterday they were given a packet and were asked to do questions 1/3 ; they should try to do at least one more in the packet.........try at least #2 for more practice.....
March 16th;
7th grade Honors: Students will take a quiz on Wednesday that covers sections 4:1-4:3 in the purple book; today and tomorrow we will work on stations that involve questioning on those exact sections and will spend tomorrow finishing them up and also going over the answers.
Students do not have homework except to start studying for this quiz; they should also be logging into MOBY MAX for the week.
8th grade Regular:   Today the students spent time in both Mrs. Laganke's room and in my room . In Mrs. Laganke's room the students studied real world problems and writing a system of equations to represent the situation. In my room, students worked on a system of equations and elimination. Students had 6 questions to do for homework from my session. Test on the chapter will be Friday.
March 17th:
7th grade Honors: We finished our 6 stations today to help us review for tomorrow's quiz. This quiz contains questions from 4:1-4:3 , all of which was practiced as part of the stations that we completed. Students should study any packets, worksheets or notes for this. Students should also be logging in their time for MOBY MAX>
8th grade Regular:    This group has a chapter test on Friday that contains graphing a system of equations, writing a system of equations for word problems and also solving a system of equations using elimination method. The students do not have homework this evening. 
March 18th:
7th grade Honors:  This group took a chapter quiz today; Homework is a worksheet entitled Cartoon Corner....they are to complete, # 1-3 only. They need to make sure that they log into MOBY MAX each week as well for at least 1/2 hour.
8th grade Regular:  This group has been practicing daily for their Chapter test that will be this Friday. Today our focus will be on word problems and using the elimination method. They need to study for this test; it will be the first big grade of the 9 weeks.
March 19th:
7th grade Honors:  This group got their quiz back from yesterday and reviewed those missed. We started 4:5 today , but very briefly.  We will probably take the next chapter test either Wednesday or Thursday of next week. 
8th grade Regular: This group has a chapter five test tomorrow. Each student needs to bring me back either his/her textbook that I gave out to them in the beginning of the school year; we are finished with this book . I will distribute new books to them starting on Monday of next week.  They need to take everything....several days worth of stuff and study tonight.....the test covers graphing a system of equations, real world problems and a system of equations and also using the elimination method on a system of equations. 
March 23rd:
7th grade Honors: This group has a Chapter 4 test tomorrow in the purple book; their assignment tonight will be graded as a quiz grade; pages 184-185, # 1-10, 12-14,17-18. 
The test covers linear equations.
8th grade Regular:    Students that finished their Chapter five test on Friday will get their test back to keep; we will begin a new book and chapter and start with the Pythagorean Theorem.
March 24th:
7th grade Honors: Students took their Chapter 4 test today and will be given a copy of the 7th grade Green book B tomorrow; we will be working out of this for a few chapters before we switch back over.
Students were given a PBA of 6 questions to do this evening; this is graded attempted for them; I expect them to show work on the tougher questions....especially 3, 5, 6 ; they may use a calculator to help. 
8th grade Regular:  This group just started work on a new section on Pythagorean Theorem today; they learned how to find a leg and the hypotenuse; they were given homework this evening; a worksheet; they are expected to complete # 2, 3, 5-8.
March 26th:
7th grade Honors: This group started section 1 on Complementary and Supplementary angles; we took notes and did a good part of the practice activities together as a class; no homework given; short quiz on Tuesday of next week on the first couple sections of the new chapter. Students need to complete their MOBY MAX>
8th grade Regular: This group split up today and spent 1/2 of the period with Mrs. Laganke and 1/2 the period with me ; we checked in homework from last night; none was given for this evening. Students worked on a new section on the Distance Formula today. 
March 30th:
7th grade Honors: Kids have a short quiz tomorrow on both section 1 and 2 in the green book B. This will cover complementary and supplementary angles as well as types of angles such as corresponding, alternate interior , alternate exterior, vertical , and adjacent.
8th grade Regular: This group is doing a station rotation for today and tomorrow; we are reviewing the distance formula, the Pythagorean Theorem, and Pythagorean Triples .  They will be part of a contest, will take a Schoology quiz, will practice Moby Max , will focus on Ed Cite Questions, etc.
Homework given to station 3 that took the Schoology quiz; if Schoology quiz wasn't finished in class, it needs to be finished this evening.  
March 31:
7th grade Honors: Students took a quiz on 6:1/6:2 today; they were asked to read over 6:3 in their textbook and try the following on a worksheet; # 1-4, 7, 9, 10.
8th grade Regular: Students will finish their station activity today; the only homework will be if there is a student that was at the Schoology station today; they must finish their Schoology quiz and submit it and attend to the four questions that involve the Pythagorean theorem at the station.
April 1:
7th grade Honors: The only thing that I am having the kids do is to log onto Moby Max by 8pm on Thursday of this week for their 1/2 hr this week; no homework over break; quizzes were returned that were taken. We played a math Kahoot today as a competition.
8th grade Regular: We finished our competition with the MATH BRACKETS on Pythagorean Theorem so that we could declare winners; they were awarded extra credit; we also played a Math Kahoot as a class competition; no homework over break! 
April 13th:
7th gr Math Honors:  These students reviewed info/concepts from sections 1-3 in chapter 6 and we checked the answers at the end of the period; they do not have homework tonight but should work on logging on their time on MOBY MAX; next test is on Thursday.
8th grade Regular: These students worked on the Pythagorean Theorem and the Distance Formula today as a review; no homework given.
April 14th:
7th grade math Honors;  Students were reminded about logging onto Moby Max for at least a 1/2 hr each week; we looked at section 6:4 and then students were given a second round of the PBA for 7th grade PARCC practice; they were given 8 questions to work on and were given class time to start. Students have their chapter 6 test on Types of Angles on Thursday; test covers 6:1-6:4.
8th grade Regular:  Students spent some time on Moby Max and were introduced to the lesson on IXL that will help them on what we are going to next.  Students watched a short video on how geometric transformations are used in the process of movie making. They were shown a translation to start this new unit and were asked to practice on the IXL app, 8th grade , letter R , #2, 3.
April 15th:
Math 7 Honors: Test tomorrow on chapter 6 (all 4 sections) Students started their study guide in class and may have finished it there; pages 58-61, # 1-13, 15,17,19,20,22,25,28) ; this counts as a quiz grade tomorrow .
Math 8 Regular: Students need to review the concepts of translation and reflection by practicing IXL app, grade 8, Letter R, 2,3,4,5. Quiz tomorrow on these concepts on Schoology. 
 April 16th:
7th grade Honors: Students took a test today on Chapter 6; they have 11 questions to try on another PBA ; we are looking at these prior to testing to try and help review. These are graded attempted.
8th grade Regular: Students are in two groups today; one group will work on reflections and the other on review of transformations covered thus far. No homework given but students will be taking a quiz on Schoology that covers both concepts tomorrow during class. They need to be prepared. 
April 17th:
7th grade Honors:  Students discussed problem solving strategies for use with PARCC type questions that I have given them over the week; we went over several problems and ways to get to a solution; no homework given; students need to access MOBY MAX.
8th grade Regular: Students took a quiz on Schoology today ; topics on quiz were translation and also reflection. No homework . 
April 20th:
7th grade Honors: Students will begin a new chapter on geometry; they will study basic 3D figures and study the nets that go with them. We will begin getting into basic formulas for each; surface area and volume will be studied.
8th grade Regular:  Students will review concepts of Pythagorean Theorem and translations and also reflections. We will begin studying Dilations tomorrow.
April 21st:
Math 7 Honors: I will not see my 2nd period today due to testing. No homework for first period.
Math 8 Regular: I introduced the transformation of dilations today; We practiced on the IXL app today for 10 minutes on dilations and I allowed them to finish work on a packet from yesterday on translations and reflections; no homework given. 
April 22nd:
7th grade Honors: Students worked on 3D figures and their nets with a substitute today; I had to administer the 8th grade PARCC; they were given a worksheet tonight on volume to complete.
8th grade Regular: Students worked on reviewing dilations and then worked with a partner on doing a three step question in which the original figured was translated and then dilated and the students worked with a partner and then had to justify their answer.
April 27th:
7th grade Honors: I will only have my 2nd period class today because of 7th grade PARCC math testing and the schedule that we are using ; we will do more work on volume and surface area of cylinders today. Homework was assigned and will be graded ( page 138-139, # 1, 5 (all parts), 7 and 9 ( all parts).
8th grade Regular: Our students will be taking their math PARCC this Wednesday and Thursday; we will begin work today on finding the volume of spheres, cones and cylinders. Tomorrow we will work on if given the volume, how do you find the height or radius, etc.  Students have a worksheet with them today; they are expected to do the even on the front and the odds on the back. For each, they are to write the formula first and show the substitution in of the values given. It is due tomorrow!
April 28th:
7th grade Honors: Today, my first period will have my class during 7th period due to PARCC testing; we will review volume and surface area of cylinders and they will be assigned page 138-139, # 1, 5 (all parts), 7, and 9 ( all parts) ; this assignment will be graded.  My 2nd period will have our class briefly during advisory time at the end of the day; we will review the homework and begin section 3 on volume and surface area of pyramids and cones. 
8th grade Regular:  Students will review what we did yesterday and then be given questions today that still involve volume; but instead of finding the volume of a figure like we did yesterday, they will be given the volume and have to find either the height or the radius of the same figures using algebra. They will have homework tonight; # 2, 6, 10, and 11.
April 29th:
7th grade Honors math:   Period one did not have homework; I was trying to get them caught up because they missed a day with me this week due to PARCC testing. We went over one new formula.....volume of a cone and did some word problems today given then volume , so that the students needed to find the radius or the height. Second period will be coming home with a challenge word problem. Both classes will have a quiz on Monday on 8:1-8:3, but will be given the formulas.
8th grade Regular:  This group is working on volume of cylinders, cones and spheres. We have done regular substitution problems as well as problems in which they were given the volume and had to find either the height or the radius. Today we will work on word problems and they will also be given a challenge problem on a composite volume question. This may have to go home for homework . In the next week, these students will take a quiz on volume and a test regarding transformations. 
April 30th:
7th grade Honors:  First period has a challenge question to complete; needs to show work on this. Second period was given a word problem /real life problem challenge worksheet but are working on that in class.
8th grade Regular: We reviewed today all of our volume vocabulary and formulas by playing KAHOOT. 
May 1st:
7th grade Honors: We used the game KAHOOT in class to review our volume formulas. Monday's quiz will cover sections 8:1-8:3; they should study their notes, worksheets, packets, etc......they do not need to memorize the formulas; they will be given to them. Chapter test next week will likely be on Thursday/Friday.
8th grade Regular: Fourth period played KAHOOT to practice their volume formulas; they will have a quiz on Tuesday on volume and on Thursday/Friday on Transformations. Eighth period will play one game of KAHOOT and we will go over the extra credit that I gave the kids and I will explain how to find the area of a composite figure. Quiz Tuesday on volume and test on Thursday/Friday on Transformations.
 May 4th:
7th grade Honors: Students took a quiz today on 8:1-8:3; no homework tonight; we have one more section to go and will probably have a test Thursday of this week.  
8th grade Regular:  We will have the kids in two groups today; one with me working on word problems involving volume and one with Mrs. Laganke working on an Interactive quiz on volume. The students have a quiz tomorrow on volume of cones, cylinders and spheres. The work that we do today should prepare them for that. We will then review work we did over the last two weeks with transformations and students will take a test Thursday/Friday on Transformations including a translation, a reflection over the x and y axis, a dilation and a rotation.  No homework tonight except to study for their quiz. Students should have their own calculator to use on the quiz and phones will not be permitted. After today's quiz , there will be about 3 more "big" grades before the end of the school year . 
May 5:
7th grade Honors: Chapter test will be on Friday of this week; student have a 7 question worksheet that will be graded attempted tomorrow. Students will be in Mrs. H's room tomorrow with me due to testing.
8th grade Regular: These students were given a Schoology quiz today on volume; they were given two chances to take today's quiz and had a written copy to fill out for us and were allowed to use a calculator and were given formulas.
Students also were given time to try IXL app and review concepts regarding transformations; the students have a transformation test on Thursday and Friday of this week that will include translations, reflections, dilations and rotations.  
May 6:
7th grade Honors: This group is responsible for the Chapter Review at the end of chapter 8; selected questions..........They are to show the formula for each question assigned as well as show the substitution for each; they are to round to the nearest tenth unless directed otherwise and are to label each answer correctly.  They have a Chapter test on Friday. 
8th grade Regular: This group will use classtime today to review the transformations that we learned and will have a two-day test to complete their work on transformations; the test will be Thursday and Friday.
 Students have a sheet with them that detailed what we practiced in class today and they could use that paper to study from this evening. Students can also practice transformations on the IXL app ....letter R.
May 8th:
7th grade Honors: This group took their Chapter 8 test today; no homework given. They need their Purple books for Monday.
8th grade Regular: These students took the 2nd part of their Transformation test today. No homework  
May 11th:
7th grade Honors:  This group got their chapter test back and we started System of Equations. No homework given.
8th grade Regular: This group worked in pairs on an in-class assignment on volume; they will finish the work tomorrow during class and it will be recorded as a quiz score.
May 13th:
7th grade Honors; They have page 209, #10, 11 to complete on solving a system of equations by substitution for tonight. Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to word problems and coming up with the system of equations to use to represent the word problem.
 8th grade Regular: Field trip to DC
May 14th;
7th grade Honors:  Periods one and two worked on real world problems and finding the system of equations; First period assignment this evening:page 196, #3,5 and page 209# 3,8
Second period assignment this evening ; page 196, # 6, 7 and page 209 # 5,13.
Test will likely be on Wednesday of next week. 
8th grade Regular: Field trip to DC 
May 15th:
7th grade Honors:  This group worked for a 2nd day on real-world problems and defining a variable and writing a system of equations. They were given a packet today with 5 questions; they had a good part of the period to work on this but are responsible for anything that wasn't finished during the class period.
8th grade Regular:  Field trip to DC 
7th grade Honors: These students will be tested on Chapter 5 , sections 1-4 on Wednesday. They have a Study guide type of assignment this evening that will count as a quiz grade.....Page 238-239, # 1,2,4,7,10,11,19,23,26a. It is due tomorrow. Text books are due by Friday; extra credit needs to be used by Friday and all re-takes must be done by Friday.
8th grade Regular: These students need to research their career choice and answer the three questions that they were given today in class. They will be working on a folder design for a project as well.
 May 19th:
7th grade Honors:   This group graded their study guide and we went through and worked out any questions that the students wanted to see. They have a chapter test tomorrow in class. It will include questions from sections 1-4. They will be permitted to use a calculator to check their work but must show their steps on each question.
8th grade Regular: This group was given their monthly salary and we then showed them how taxes are taken out. The students were then show a budget and approximate percentages per category as to how they might budget their own money.
 May 20th:
7th grade Honors: This group took their chapter test on System of Equations; no homework given; students could be working on completing their last week of MOBY MAX. Students will be handing in both copies of their textbooks.......Purple Book A and Green Book B by Friday.
8th grade Regular: Today in class , we completed our work on our monthly budget. Students were given a little time at the end of the period to decorate the front of their folder with a design for their career choice and for work on the back of the folder to answer the 3 questions regarding schooling, and how math is used in their career and also 3 interesting facts about their choice.
 Students will be handing in Purple Book B by Friday.
May 21st:
7th grade Honors:   Students that took their test yesterday got it back ; we went over those questions that the students asked to see. We started a lesson on the Pythagorean Theorem.
8th grade Regular:   Students worked today in their project folders; they were given a small amount of time to work on the cover and the back; we went over simple interest and car payments.
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