Mentor Public Schools Financial Facts #22
Mentor Public Schools Financial Facts #22

Just as you pay household bills each month for electricity, natural gas, water & sewer and your phone service, so do we. As a school district, with multiple buildings and facilities, our bills are on a larger scale. Last year our utility costs totaled $1,474,716.

We are continually looking for and implementing ways to reduce those bills. That includes a commitment to becoming more energy efficient as a district, as well as by entering statewide purchasing consortiums for school districts in Ohio.

In fact, we are participants in the Ohio School Council’s Natural Gas Consortium and the Power 4 Schools Electric Program. These consortium options allow Mentor Schools to partner with hundreds of other districts to receive better pricing for these necessary services.

Additionally, as part of our five-year Permanent Improvement (PI) Plan, when it is necessary to replace windows and rooftops, we are doing so with more energy efficient materials. For example, we have replaced old windows with new double-paned, energy efficient windows in 12 of our buildings over the last ten years.

Our Business Operations department is also on a schedule to replace old High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting with much more efficient fluorescent lighting in all of our buildings and has begun that process in school gymnasiums. Also, a conversion to a new and more affordable phone system is underway right now in Mentor Schools to save money per phone line.

We hope you find this information valuable as we continue our Financial Facts series. Thank you for your continued support of Mentor Public Schools.
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