Mentor Public Schools Financial Facts #21
Mentor Public Schools Financial Facts #21

Not only is our School Nutrition Services department serving up thousands of healthy, balanced meals to students every day, it does so while keeping costs low for parents and guardians. A complete lunch costs $2.85 at our secondary schools and $2.60 at our elementary schools. A complete breakfast is priced at $1.45 at the secondary schools and $1.35 at the elementary schools that have a breakfast program.

Using February as an example (with only 16 serving days), School Nutrition Services served 53,465 reimbursable lunches and 11,675 reimbursable breakfasts. For a meal to be considered reimbursable it must consist of specific components and meet national school lunch nutritional guidelines. In Mentor Schools a complete, reimbursable lunch includes a choice of entrees, a colorful selection of vegetables, fruits, juices, bread or grains, and milk. A complete breakfast includes an entrée, fruit and milk.

Mentor Schools is consistently recognized by the Ohio Department of Education for not only following all national school lunch guidelines but exceeding the nutritional content expectations. This is a goal we continually work toward as wellness initiatives are an important part of the district’s strategic plan.

Meeting the national guidelines for a complete lunch also has financial benefits to our district as we receive a reimbursement payment from the federal government each month based on the number of reimbursable meals sold. Our attention to detail here and proactive management of the program allows Mentor Schools to be one of the few in the area that does not subsidy Nutrition Services out of the General Fund.

Thank you for your continued support of Mentor Public Schools.
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