Middle School Visitor Lanyards - New Procedure
Student safety is our number one priority at Mentor Public Schools.  As promised, we continue to work with local emergency services such as the Mentor Police and Fire Departments.  Through collaboration, we discovered another way to increase the safety of every child who walks through our doors.
Starting on Monday, November 5th, all visitors who enter the building must present their driver’s license OR state-issued ID at the Main Office (or window). Visitors will be required to exchange their driver's license OR state-issued ID for a lanyard with an accompanying visitor's badge, if you will be entering the building beyond the Main Office.  Upon leaving the building, the visitor will return the lanyard and visitor's badge and receive his/her driver’s license OR state-issued ID back.  
Why are we doing this? Any person in the building who does not have a badge will be easily recognizable by staff and students.  Staff will escort anyone without a badge to the office. This idea has actually been utilized in other school districts to increase student safety.  The practice proved to be successful as the lanyard and badge serve as a clear visual reference of a visitor in the building.  
Can I still get in if I don't have a driver's license OR state-issued ID?  No. Varying from this procedure can place students at risk; therefore, a driver’s license OR state-issued ID must be turned in for a lanyard if you are entering the school beyond the Main Office (or entry window).
‘If I have a meeting, do I need to bring my driver’s license OR state-issued ID to get a badge?’  Yes.  Anyone moving past the Main Office (or window) needs a badge. 
We know there will be an adjustment time to the new procedure, but we also know this is another step in keeping our students safe.  We thank you for your continued support!
Tim Hamman
Assistant Superintendent
Mentor Schools

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