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Car Rider Revision

Dear Families,

Our recent back to school postal mailing included detailed information related to meet the teacher, drop off and pick up policies, and other back to school information. More specific details related to car riders were shared within our drop off and pick up policy handout (see below), including a $5.00 processing fee. I'm happy to share that we will NOT need to include the $5.00 processing fee for car riders since I'm able to cover the costs associated with this in another manner. My goal is always to keep costs to a minimum for our families while keeping our children safe during dismissal.

Please call me at 257-5953 if you have any questions. I'm looking forward to seeing all of our students and families very soon.

Mrs. Poremba, Principal

Lake Elementary School

Car Riders (Excerpt from the handout)

Safety in the car rider line is our first priority and due to the high number of car riders in recent years we need to significantly reduce the number of students that are car riders. Families are strongly encouraged to use bus transportation if you are outside of the walking area. If you are unable to use bus transportation and need to use the car rider line, you must complete a car rider application. The application will need to be approved by the principal . Once the application is submitted and approved you will receive a car rider vehicle tag for your car and a student backpack tag with the student’s assigned number. Once the application is approved these vehicle tags and backpack tags can be picked up in front office. No student will be permitted to use the car rider line until an application is submitted and approved. Car riders are dismissed out the back doors off of Salida. Please pull your car all the way forward so that we can load several cars at a time. Each car rider family will be assigned a number and receive car rider vehicle tags and book bag tags that correspond with their number. School staff will call out the number of each child and direct them to one of four cones in the pick-up area. If at any time during the school year, you need another car rider vehicle tag and/or book bag tag, please send a note to school or call 257-5953 and ask to speak with Mrs. Mierke. Students with repeated unsafe behaviors will lose car rider privileges.