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Spirit Week

PRIDE Spirit Week 2017

September 18 - September 22

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It’s your chance to show your Sterling Morton PRIDE!

Monday, September 18 - PRIDE in our SCHOOL- Bring your favorite

stuffed animal - Mini Morty wants his

friends to see our school!

Tuesday, September 19 - PRIDE in our COMMUNITY - Wear your

favorite sports team jersey (Cavs, Browns,

Indians, Monsters, Cardinals, MYFA, etc.)

Wednesday, September 20 - PRIDE in our FAMILY & FRIENDS - Be a

“True Blue Friend” Wear blue today!

Thursday, September 21 - PRIDE in our COUNTRY - Wear red,

white, and blue to show your pride. We’ll write letters and cards to those students and classrooms affected by the recent severe weather in Texas and Florida.

Friday, September 22 - PRIDE in OURSELVES - Today we will

celebrate our Hopes and Dreams together as

a school as we help each other reach them!


Throughout PRIDE Spirit Week we are collecting money for students and classrooms