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Memorial is participating in our annual Hoops For Heart Fundraiser to benefit the American Heart Association.  To prepare, each of student will be asked to send emails out to friends and family members to spread awareness about heart disease and stroke.  We are dedicated time during your health or PE class on February 5th for each student to sign up and join our online Hoops For Heart team.  

Through this online community service project, you will be writing an email about why heart health is important and how supporting the American Heart Association can save lives.  You will then send this email to friends and family members asking for their support.

Last year we raised nearly $12,000 and this year our goal is $14,000!

The permission slip that students got in class on Wednesday, January 31st must be signed and returned to school asap.  This slip needs to be returned whether you are participating in the fundraiser

Permission Slip: