2016-17 Theme: “Within Reach” 


The Ohio PTA, through National PTA, holds an annual cultural arts program, Reflections. Children in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create and submit original works of art in six areas: literature, visual arts, photography, dance choreography, film production and music composition. The Reflections program allows PTAs throughout the state to recognize children for their creativity as they reflect on the yearly theme. Teachers, parents, children and community can get involved in enhancing arts education though the Reflections program. The Reflections Program is one of the best examples of the PTA's ability to bring out the best in our youth. PTA strongly supports education in the arts. It is about creating educational excitement and involvement within our schools between parents, teachers and our kids. 

The artwork must be inspired by this year’s theme Within Reach and created expressly for the Reflections program. Please remember these important guidelines:

• Each entry must be the original work of one student only. For example: o Photographs must be taken by the student. o Artwork from art class is not an original work.

• REQUIRED: Student Entries Forms are required to be complete by the deadline or the submission is invalid. It must include a title and an artist statement, which communicates the artist’s inspiration for the work and how it relates to the theme. The statement must describe the content and include at least one sentence, but not exceed 100 words.

• A student may submit entries in more than one arts category.

• Each student entry must be accompanied by a paper student entry form, signed by a parent or guardian.

Students with Disabilities: Students with disabilities may participate in the National PTA Reflections program in one of two ways.

1. Enter in Special Artist Division to receive non-artistic accommodation and assistance from an adult. Students are recognized and awarded prizes as part of the Special Artist Division. The Special Artist Division is an optional division of the Reflections program, accepting students in all grades whose physical, cognitive or mental health challenges meet guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act. National PTA will honor one special artist from across all arts categories to receive an Outstanding Interpretation Award. Up to six additional special artists will receive a National PTA Award of Excellence.

2. Enter in grade division most closely aligned to the student’s functional abilities. Students are recognized and awarded prizes as part of the general student population without regard to special needs or challenges. In this case, students follow all general rules and arts category rules but may submit their entries in the grade division most closely aligned to their cognitive or functional abilities.

Please reach out to Marlene Pierce if you have any questions. The full set of rules and regulations can be found at www.ohiopta.org > Programs > Reflections

More information is available at the Ohio PTA website at the link below or contact Marlene Pierce at 440-479-5436.

Attached is a portion of the National PTA Rules. For complete rules, please go to: http://www.pta.org/REFLECTIONS or contact the office for a paper copy. 

DEADLINE for all entries:

Wednesday, November 29th 3:00 PM 

Thank you,
Marlene Pierce and the Bellflower PTA
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