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Registration and Commitment

Teacher Commitment Student Commitment Parent Commitment
  • Follow organized daily schedule
  • Provide daily instruction
  • Record video lessons to support student learning
  • Have proactive and ongoing communication with students and parents (phone calls, emails, video conferencing, discussions, etc.)
  • Engage in ongoing professional learning to support innovative practices for distance learning
  • Attend daily classes and follow set schedule
  • Adhere to all of Mentor Schools polices and protocols including discipline, attendance, and grading
  • Be a self-directed and engaged learner
  • Communicate in an ongoing fashion with each teacher
  • Ask questions and seek help when needed
  • Create and follow a schedule and routine for your child 
  • Provide the appropriate level of support and encourage independence
  • Monitor your child's progress
  • Communicate regularly with the teachers
  • Be a partner with your child and their teacher to reach success