Curriculum Materials Available for Review

The following items are being recommended for Board approval at the July Board Meeting.  The materials are available for public review and comments from 8:30-11:30 and 12:30-3:30 beginning Monday, June 27 through Friday, July 1 at Paradigm (6465 Center Street).

Collaborative Classroom IDR Libraries for grades K-5

The IDR libraries were selected because they supplement our current Making Meaning comprehension and vocabulary program from Collaborative Classroom. The library will be used by students for Individualized Daily Reading (IDR) choices and will help to provide consistency and access to materials in classrooms throughout the district. The books are not required reading.

Attainment’s Pre-ETS Textbook for Cardinal Works Job Training Coordination Program for high school special education. 

This curriculum will be used to address job and career exploration, work-based learning, post-secondary training, workplace readiness, and self-advocacy.