Board of Education

The Mentor Board of Education:
  • Consists of five citizens, elected by non-partisan ballot, each serving a four-year term.
  • Functions as a policy-making body according to the mandates of state law.
  • Represents the State of Ohio and the citizens of the Mentor Public Schools on all matters and decisions dealing with public education and in some matters concerning services for non-public school students.
  • Determines the goals and priorities of the school district.
  • Authorizes the appointment of the superintendent, treasurer, teachers and other staff members.
Maggie A. Cook: [email protected]
Vice President
Virginia E. Jeschelnig: [email protected]

Board Members:
Rose M. Ioppolo: [email protected]   
Lauren M. Marchaza: [email protected] 
Annie F. Payne: [email protected]