Summer Reading Assignments for Middle School Students

Dear 2023-2024 Middle School Students and Families,

We hope you are doing well. 

As we look ahead to next school year, we would like to share information about summer reading assignments. We value reading over the summer, and below are some of the reasons we feel summer reading is important:

  • Reading and thinking about texts helps students avoid a “summer slide” where they lose achievement gains they made during the school year. 
  • Having a shared reading experience over the summer means that English classes can start the year with students having something in common, which helps us to establish and promote a positive classroom climate.
  • Having summer reading in grades 6-12 helps to engage students in our school district’s reading culture during summer months.

With that in mind, below are links to all of the summer reading assignments. The texts can be found or purchased online. We encourage you to reach out to your current English teacher before the end of the school year if you have any questions about where to find the texts or about the assignment itself. 

We hope that the rest of the fourth quarter goes well for you and that you have a safe and relaxing summer!


The Middle School English Department