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Vince Sanelli

Background Information:
I started teaching in 1999 at Spring Hill Junior High in Akron. Looking to move closer to home I was hired by Mentor Schools the following year. Since then I have taught at Ridge Junior High, Shore Middle School and now Mentor High School. I graduated from Benedictine High School, Bowling Green State University, and later recieved my masters from Ashland University.

The arts are a central part of the human experience.
Throughout history people have recorded their struggles, their dreams and their lives in works of art. Young people cannot participate in the human conversation or have a true understanding of human history without engaging in the study of the arts. The arts are as basic to enlightened citizenship as understanding the workings of numbers, words and history. - Christine Goodheart
I believe that each student is a unique individual who needs a safe, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature. It is my desire as an educator to help students meet their fullest potential by providing an environment that is safe, supports creativity, and invites the sharing of ideas. There are three elements that I believe are conducive to establishing such an environment. 1). The teacher acts as a guide to help students search for anwers to their individual questions or concerns. 2). The teacher allows the student to explore their natural curiosity and then direct them to his/her own creation. 3). The teacher will promote respect for all people, material, and tools used in the classroom.