Most of the digital content used by the Mentor Public Schools is rostered through a program called Clever.  To access this digital content at home, please follow these directions:
  • Download the Clever app or go to the Clever website
  • Login in by clicking on the “Sign in with Google” button
  • Use the student’s Mentor School's Google Username and Password.  The login is as follows:
    • Username:
    • Password: capital first letter, lowercase last initial, period(.) and then their lunch pin - Aa.##### If you don't know their lunch pin, you can find this on the parent portal.
  • If your student is in K-2nd Grade you might have been given a QR code to use to log in.
    • You will need to scan that QR code with your device’s camera.
  • Once you get into Clever you will see the apps that have been rostered to your student.
The Mentor Public Schools Technology Department is responsible for the infrastructural maintenance and support of all things technology for the district's 11 school buildings, administration offices, maintenance building, and our professional learning building, Paradigm.

Members of the Technology Department
Mike Lynch
Director of Innovation and Instructional Technology [email protected]
Jeremy Woodworth
Supervisor of Informational Technology [email protected]
Julain Manley - Secretary
Julius Vegh - Data Base Specialist [email protected]
Tracy Gibson - EMIS Analyst and Data Base Manager [email protected] Doug Estes - SQL Network Technician [email protected]
Tim Baker - PC/Network Technician [email protected] Joe Hernan - PC/Network Technician [email protected]
Todd Baur - Computer Technician [email protected] Josh Houston - Computer Technician [email protected]