Curriculum Adoption

Ohio House Bill 487 signed into law in June 2014 states that each school district’s local board of education shall be the sole authority with regard to the selection of textbooks, instructional materials, and curriculum.
The following list of textbooks and/or curriculum is being recommended for adoption at the designated board of education meeting. Curriculum, textbooks, and other instructional materials will be on display for parent review at the Mentor Paradigm Building (6465 Center Street) at least one week prior to the designated adoption date. Parents and/or community members are encouraged to review recommended materials. Visitors will be required to sign in and comment cards will be provided. 

Recommended for Board Adoption: 


January 2024 Board Meeting

The following items are recommended for Board approval at the January 9, 2024 Board Meeting.  The materials are available for public review and comments from 7:30 to 4:30 during the week of December 11-15  at Paradigm (6465 Center Street).


Updated 9-12 Course of Study/Curriculum Frameworks and Textbooks/Online Curricula:

  • Applied Tech
  • Art
  • Family Consumer Science (FCS)

Textbooks/online curricula recommended for the following courses:

  • Culinary Academy
  • Aviation Academy
  • Digital Media Academy
  • EMT Academy
  • Marketing and Business Administration 
  • Allied Health
  • Construction
  • Family Consumer Science (FCS)