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When parents and families become involved in their children’s education, students achieve great success!  This site is designed to help parents understand what children are expected to learn in art– and how to help them succeed. This site features links to other information about art education in Mentor Schools and helpful tools for you and your K-12 art student.
We find reasons to celebrate art in the Mentor Schools community everyday, and our students are encouraged to participate in local, state and national events, shows and competitions throughout the year. Although we understand that this is not the start to spring that any of our wonderful arts educators and artists had hoped for or anticipated, we would like to offer more information about how we can continue to share amazing artwork from our creative students! See below:
This contest is open to all Mentor Schools students. We will judge the first week via divisions grades 6-8, 9-12 and Adaptive based on creativity and technique. We will choose our winners starting April 3rd and every week we are out of school after that. Students will submit a picture of their work and the completed entry form with permission from parents. 
Click here for details about this fun online art contest for Mentor Schools artists:

Learning in a Visual Age - Why Art Education Matters, by the National Art Education Association


Our K-12 Art Curriculum:

Daniel Pinkwater, a famous illustrator stated, “I believe it is impossible to make sense of life in this world except through art.” We are pleased to announce that our revised K-12 Art Course of Study, written by the Art Curriculum Revision Committee, has been approved by the Board of Education. The Art Revision Committee believes art education not only allows students to broaden their understanding and appreciation of the world around them, it is also contributes significantly to a child’s intellectual development.

Careers in the 21st century will demand creative and innovative thinkers who can communicate and collaborate across cultures.  Art encourages critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. These higher-order thinking skills are critical for students to learn in order to live productively in our emerging global society. Some highlights of the revision include a 21st Century Skills Index which indicates the integration of the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S) throughout the K-12 curriculum. Some examples include:
  • employing digital tools and resources to create and publish original artwork
  • using technology appropriately to acquire information about art historically and globally
  • using technology for analyzing art-making challenges
  • and using technology for collaborating with peers, and sharing works of art through digital portfolios.     
We believe that the arts are VITAL in providing a well-rounded education for our students. Art education promotes student success in society, school, developing intelligence and life. The K-12 Art Curriculum at Mentor Schools is aligned to the Ohio Department of Education's Fine Arts Academic Content Standards.The link below allows you to open and view the Fine Arts Academic Content Standards in three different layouts: organized by standard, organized by grade level and with the benchmarks and indicators aligned.
Read Ellliot Eisner's "Ten Lessons the Arts Teach"
As a Mentor Schools alum, you play a critical role in our students' and our community's understanding of the arts! We are actively working on ways to keep you connected with us and with one another. We developed this survey with the goal of communicating with our alumni in the hope that we can share the best opportunities and most useful resources with our current art students and inform our stakeholders about careers in art.